5 Ways To Stay Hydrated Other Than Drinking Water

That alone can defeat half of your health and skin concerns. Water helps to digest food, water also helps in sleeping. But other than water, here are some foods and drinks that you can have to keep your body hydrated.


70% of your body is filled with water. And to maintain that water level in your body you need to keep yourself hydrated. Fruits are an amazing alternative. Watermelon is the fruit that has the most amount of water in it that is 93%. Some other fruits that are high in H2O are Strawberries with 92% water. Grapes with 91% water, Peaches with 88%, and lastly Dragon fruit with 87% of water. All these fruits are delicious, so start eating them to maintain the H2O in your body.

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Vegetable Soups and Stews

Soups and stews have so many benefits. Soups and stews are the best and healthiest way to eat your vegetables. You can also add chicken and mushrooms to it. But the whole point is that the water in the soups or stews helps your body to stay hydrated. You can add all your favorite vegetables along with some chicken and make a soup out of them. A lot of people these days prefer soups in their lunch.

Raw Vegetables and Fruits

Raw vegetables contain more water in them compared to cooked foods. Cooking in the gas oven evaporates most of the water in the vegetables, whereas baking it in the microwave oven soaks all the moisture from the food. So what you can do is to chop your favorite vegetables, put them in a bowl and eat up. A lot of vegetable salad recipes are there on YouTube, you can try them and eat.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have the amazing soaking capability. You can't even imagine how much water Chia Seeds can soak. That's why they are a great alternative to water. Soak 2-3 cups of chia seeds in the choice of your milk. Add some honey or maple syrup to sweeten the mixture. You can leave it as it is or freezes it for 30 minutes before eating. Add some fruits of your choice on top of it to make it a delicious breakfast.

Green Tea or Herbal Tea

Green Tea and Herbal Tea are full of good and herbal nutrients. You can drink them in the morning, evening, or before sleeping. Green Tea and Herbal tea can detoxify your body. It gives you immense relaxation that helps you to start fresh in the morning and ease the sleeping process at night. But most importantly they hydrate your body.

So these are some foods that you can have to replace the water in hydrating your body. So try them and stay hydrated.