5 Weight Loss Mistakes

Do you also think that you are someone doing a lot to loosen your body weight and is still failing at it? If so, then you need to understand that a few mistakes in your weight loss journey can eventually add big pounds to your body! So just when you identify and rectify these mistakes, is when you can easily reduce that body fat. 

And if you follow these tips accurately well, you will be on your way to getting that perfect beach body!

So listed below are some of the very common fat loss mistakes that we see people making 

Setting an extremely aggressive weight loss routine

People in the want of clipping away the fat in the body make a concerted effort to put a lot of focus on their cardio and diet. Calorie intake and checking the daily dosage is intrinsic in weight loss. However, this is not the only way and this is not the gospel truth. One should understand that the weight loss journey is a slow and consistent process. You should definitely not start starving yourself with low calories and more cardio. This might help you initially with faster weight loss, but will eventually lead you with muscle loss too, thereby affecting your metabolism rate aggressively.

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Not following your ideal food consumption for the day

Well, one of the most mistakes people make is to not keep track of what they are consuming. You will surely never lose any weight when you are basically not monitoring your food intake consistently. While doing so, you don’t realize how many calories you take for a day, and just go on taking less or more of what you actually should do. This will clearly not help you burn off that fat and will eventually also slow down your rate of metabolism. You need to be honest with yourself and make sure that anything you eat even in the smallest quantities, you track it and keep a count of it. 

Setting up impractical expectations and getting annoyed out of the results 

People usually are seen all set for big goals and stretch themselves in order to attain it. This is, of course, good, when you are heading towards something meaningful. However, when you set some unreasonable hopes for weight loss and practically don’t achieve it, you tend to lose your focus at it. This creates frustration and a sense of failure in you, thereby leading to giving up on your fat loss routine altogether. You don’t lose your body fat overnight, this takes time and you need to be patient enough throughout. So tend to adjust your expectations with your lifestyle so you can affectionately lose weight.

Don’t cut carb intakes completely

This is never the right idea to cut off carbs from your diet restrictively. When you start being too preventive with carbs, you lose weight faster but only for a shorter span of time. And over time, you start craving for all the carbs you have been restraining from since days and start binge eating them, thereby creating a mess of your fat routine. So don’t overdo your carbs, just make sure you track and eat them in limited quantity.

Not making sure to check on your weekly calorie consumption

Most people make sure they hit their gym right on time and stick to their nutrition from Monday to Friday, but just slip out during the weekends. It’s like, all the attempts you have made throughout the weekdays, just get overpowered with your weekend carbs and food intake. So this is neither applicable nor a supportable approach towards your weight loss goals. The best you can do here is, managing and measuring your weekly body calorie intake.

So if you have also been making these common mistakes constantly, its time you start being practical and honest with yourself.