8 Reasons One Must See Dentist Year

Paying attention to ones oral hygiene is very important because this can cause very serious problems to your health. In India we do not visit the dentist on a regular bases and the only time when we do take an appointment to check our teeth is when we have cavity or some other problem. All this can be avoided if you decided to have your teeth checked up once a year because only a trained oral health professional   would be able to detect the problem and help you.
1.       Regular check up: No matter how healthy your teeth are a basic yearly check up is a must
2.       Cavities: It would not be possible to check for cavity by ourselves. So it is important to take all preventive steps from our end.
3.       Pockets: Now, one could wonder what pockets mean in the world of oral hygiene. What it means in dental terms indicating the presence of an abnormal depth of the gingival sulcus near the point at which the gingival tissue contacts the tooth.
4.       Mobility: Mobility is an indicator of bone loss around the tooth. In order to accurately evaluate mobility, two non-working ends of the dental instruments (i.e., the mirror handle and the probe handle) are pressed on the buccal and lingual surfaces of the tooth. For further information contact your dentist.
5.       Recession: In dentistry, gingival recession (receding gums) is the exposure in the roots of the teeth caused by a loss of gum tissue and/or retraction of the gingival margin from the crown of the teeth. Gum recession is a common problem in adults over the age of 40, but it may also occur starting from the teens. It may exist with or without concomitant decrease in crown-to-root ratio or recession of alveolar bone.
6.       Cervical abrasion: Attrition, erosion, and abrasion result in alterations to the tooth and manifest as tooth wear.
7.       Halitosis: Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is breath that has an unpleasant odor. This odor can strike periodically or be persistent, depending on the cause. In many people, the millions of bacteria that live in the mouth (particularly on the back of the tongue) are the primary causes of bad breath. The mouth's warm, moist conditions make an ideal environment for these bacteria to grow. Most bad breath is caused by something in the mouth.
8.       Attrition: It is the loss of teeth structure by mechanical forces from opposing teeth. Attrition initially affects the enamel and, if unchecked, may proceed to the underlying dentin. Once past the enamel, attrition quickly destroys the softer dentin. Erosion is a very important contributing factor to the loss of tooth substance by attrition.