Busting 5 Common Immunity Myths

The immune system is the shield that protects a human body from any health disorder. However, if you feel ill then your body’s inbuilt immunity system fights against the sickness. Without an immune system, you can easily fall ill. Your body’s immune system recognizes the difference between the body cells and the alien cell. If you are feeling good and you are healthy then you should thank your immune system. There are some myths that you should stop believing. Such as,

Consuming extra vitamin c can improve your immunity

Vitamin C is the most major nutrient for the best immune function. Research says Vitamin c plays an important role to boost up your immunity system. But, if you are taking a mega-dose of Vitamin C, then it will not help you to fight with any kind of sickness. More is not a good option for this case of your body. Hence, taking some extra doses of Vitamin C cannot help you to fight more with your sickness. Your body is capable of absorbing a few hundred milligrams of vitamin C at one time. If you are taking vitamin C more than 75% then, it will discharge with the urine.

Superfood can boost your immunity

You should eat healthy to maintain the normal flow of your immunity system. But there is not any superfood that can magically boost your immune function. So, you have to stop thinking about that fake superfood. Instead of that, you can take more fruits and vegetables. These healthy fruits and vegetables can supply important vitamins and minerals such as A, C, E. These can help to improve your immunity like magic.

Only citrus fruits can help you

If you want to boost your immunity then you should not depend only on citrus fruits. Lemons, oranges, and grapes are the citrus fruit. Citrus fruits are the only source of vitamin c. So, these are not enough sources of your immunity. If you want to boost up your immunity then you must take red peppers, garlic, carrots, chicken. Without these foods, you get sick easily.

Exercise cannot make any difference to your immune system

If you are thinking exercise cannot make any difference to your lifestyle, then it’s not true. Regular exercise and yoga can make your immune system healthy. If you want to give your cardiovascular process a boost then you should do exercise regularly. It will also help in blood circulation and it can easily support the normal lymphatic system.

Your immune system will remain healthy throughout your entire life

• The immune system ages like you do.
• The immune system turns older day by day just like your other body system and everyday cells.
• Everyone does not have the same healthy immune system. So, it can easily get weak with your age.
• Older people get sick easily because the immunity power gets weaker with age.

Lastly, if you want to make your immune system healthy then you must do enough exercise, consume plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables. Also, you must stop believing in these myths.