Change In Dietiary Trends

There has been a tremendous positive shift in the food trends of vast multitude of people in the recent time period. The fashion of unhealthy, fast junk food is diminishing, especially among the age group of 18-30 years, as per statistics.

This trend is same throughout the word, even USA which is home to the largest obese population of the world. It is seen that people are getting health conscious and are substituting burgers and calorie-rich foods to walnuts, fruits and protein-rich food. This global trend is being respected and taken as an opportunity for businessmen, who are coming up with hygienic and healthy food stalls to grasp the attention of all.


It is a perfect positive change. But call it our natural instincts, it is our duty to know why is it happening. The major reason behind the change is growing health hazards among people. Every fourth person is suffering from obesity and weight gain, every fifth person has high cholesterol and sugar level, heart diseases and other intestinal, liver and heart problems are becoming so common that the truth has dawned upon people, which in my opinion was necessary. The hefty fees of doctors and expensive medical ailments and surgeries have been a good way to make people conscious and aware about all what is happening in the neighbourhood.

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There have been several other subsidiary reasons that complement the cause. The urge to get a perfect lean figure have taken a toll on people, especially women who are craving for a zero size figure. Who doesn’t like a beautiful personality coupled with a charismatic face? The recent awareness and popularity of glowing face via natural products and healthy eating has even added to the trend.


Undoubtedly, it is by far one of the influential news in this era. After all, who gets to hear good news now-a-days. Even various high-profiled and reputed food stalls and gourmet restaurants have started to focus on engaging customers with the new healthy menu fitted in for them. McDonalds has started to focus on better quality of meat and chicken, to make it even more nutritional and safe for people. Though, prices may have gone up, but people are ready to pay for it. Money can be earned again and again, but health once spoilt is a lost story- which neither can be rejuvenated nor bought through money.


The earning capacity of people, or maybe their willingness to spend has increased manifold. People are ready to spend on things that matter. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and traditional beneficial food stuffs are the talk of the town. A middle class man might not be able to buy huge amenities of life for his loved ones, but is eager to provide them with life-building health services.

Here is a list of items that should be included in the balanced healthy diet of individuals, quantity depending on their age, of course.

Five or seven portions of fruits and vegetables should be consumed by an individual in a day. A recent study shows that seven portions are appropriate.

I don’t know if milk is a complete food, but milk products are a must in our diet as they provide us with multiple benefits.

Walnuts should be a regular and continuous part of our diet as they contain ultimate health benefits, reduce the risk of cancer and other major heart diseases and brain disorders.

Your diet should consist of pulse, protein, fibre for proper metabolism and vegetables as a vegetarian diet to provide maximum welfare of the body.

Majority of people who were mad over junk food, high in sugar and calories, are coming back to what they find more healthy and benefiting. Let us wish that this trend takes the place of necessity and hence, the habit of the modern generation. Half of the human issues will itself burst like a balloon.