Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain Relies On Google Concerning Chikungunya

Our Delhi’s Health Minister Satyendra Jain seems to heavily rely on Google. He restated on Thursday that chikungunya cannot cause deaths because Google told him so.

After this statement he remarked to media persons and all the Delhiites not to panic. All people need to do is to take precautions and go to the hospital, but that too, only if they experience symptoms of the vector-borne disease, Jain said. The state government is ready to provide help at all cost. But one should get admitted only if the doctor advises them to do so and not because they are scared. Four of the five supposed chikungunya deaths were reported from the same hospital, which seems suspicious according to Jain.

The minister says he has his reasons to be suspicious about the deaths due to chikungunya because upon enquiry it was discovered that most of the deaths are of people who were aged and already sick with other ailments. Union Health Minister J P Nadda added that no complaints of shortage of medicine or doctors and testing facilities have been reported. The Centre is fully prepared to tackle the crisis. Nadda said the Centre has held a review meeting about the situation in Delhi and found out that there is an increase in cases of chikungunya in Delhi, whereas the hike in cases of dengue have been reported from West Bengal, Odisha and Karnataka.

The Centre has also held three video conferences in this regard, and added that they had also called on the Delhi Health Minister, the NDMC and the MCD and guided them on protocols to be followed to counter the spread of this disease. Nadda also urged the people not to panic and help in pacifying the current upsurge of vector borne diseases.

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Dr. D S Rana, the chairperson of the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital where the deaths due to Chikungunya were reported, stated that the clear message that is being sent out is that chikungunya is not a very fatal disease, people should not get frightened. Hospitals are doing their best, be it government or private.

Chikungunya may not cause deaths and may not be fatal, according to Google, but dear minister, it is still a disease and people suffer. So people who are suffering need to be taken care of and yes it is important that the people in general do not get scared.