Eating, Diet And Nutrition For Constipation

Constipation can make your bowel movements infrequent. It can give you difficulties in emptying your large bowl. If you are facing abdominal pain or bloating then it can be the reason for constipation. One of the major constipation symptoms you can feel is you have not finished your bowel function. Often low fiber diet, stress, meat, milk, dehydration can provide you constipation. Meanwhile, there are some eating habits, diet, and nutrition tips that can help you to get rid of this health condition.

Nutrition tips to control constipation

Here are some tips to reduce the appearance of constipation. Also, these tips help you to keep your bowel movement regular.

•    You should drink plenty of water and other health drinks.
•    Increase the insoluble fiber in your meal.
•    Gradually you must increase fiber intake in your diet.
•    Eat healthy and green vegetables daily for managing constipation.
•    Eat 2-3 fruits daily to get rid of this health condition.
•    You can research and try to have food that can promote regularity.
•    Plum juice and prune juice can help you to smooth your struggle.
•    Try to include more physical exercise in your daily routine.

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What you should eat to avoid constipation?

Constipation is a very common health condition. It doesn’t have any age barrier as well.  If you are facing your bowel movements lesser than three times in a week or experiencing some difficulties passing stool then there is some food you can try to dominate this condition.

You have to eat fiber to keep your function regular. Prunes can give you relief in constipation. It can improve stool frequency. Adding three to five figs can be beneficial or sweet potato can give you a big relief in constipation. Also, you can eat popcorn, pears, raspberries, spinach to improve this health condition.

Proper diet can control constipation

It’s very irritating to be stuck in the toilet. You should know constipation is the result of bad lifestyle and eating habits. So, you have to make a proper diet chart to control the intestinal issue.

You can take chapattis and potato green peas curry in your breakfast. In your mid-meal, you can have lentil soup or other fruit salad. At your lunch, you can take rice, dal and green vegetables. In the evening you can eat any fruit like avocados, oranges, bananas, and apples. At dinner, you can eat broccoli or green bean soup. You can make your complete weekly diet plan like this, to control constipation.

The main reason for constipation

Some foods can give you constipation like unripe green bananas. If you swallow several pieces of chewing gum or if you are taking caffeine then it can give you constipation. Besides that, gluten, white rice, red meat, alcohol can give you constipation. So, you must limit the intake of these foods. Even chocolates and some supplements can give you a hard time in the toilet.
Most importantly you should stop worrying about this health condition. You can try enemas or colonics to prevent and cure constipation. Lastly, you must consult with your doctor to cure it.