Hair Loss Causing Emotional Upheaval At Personal And Professional Level For Men And Women

Appearance matters and no matter how beautiful one is from the inside, it is not wrong to look a little smart and sharp from the outside. At Present, India is facing a growing problem of hair loss among men who have started to go bald at a young age.

The experts at various hair transplant clinics in India say “Discovery of hair loss is causing a lot of stress in both men and women making them to skip social engagements and other events which affect them both personally and professionally”. This was concluded after meeting several men and women over the years as consultants for hair loss prevention. Their assertion is, as a society our attitudes towards baldness have been overwhelmingly negative which sometimes forces a person to get into a cocoon.

Significant hair loss can affect a person’s appearance to a large extent because the change can be so dramatic, "said Dr. Mayank Singh of Radiance Cosmedic Centre". Instead more attention is given to the forehead then to the face which results in an aged appearance. Hair loss is causing men to be more dissatisfied with their appearance because it makes them look older and this is more prominent in younger individuals.

However, women tend to suffer more emotionally and psychologically than their male counterparts when it comes to losing hair. Thick lustrous hair has always been synonyms with women’s beauty and that is why women are more worried about the way they look than men. Hair loss has led to insecurity of their appearance and perception of the people around them.

At Clinics for hair transplant and hair loss treatment, individuals are given various solutions to fight hair loss. These clinics have world class medical facility and experienced plastic surgeons who perform hair transplant using latest medical techniques. Other solutions for hair loss include Mesotherapy and the revolutionary Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for hair regeneration.

With so much advancement being made in hair transplant it is now possible to overcome this problem successfully. Many patients who visit their doctors after they have achieved hair growth openly talk about how hair transplant has elevated their self esteem and confidence which leaves a positive impact at personal and professional level.