Healthy Living

A healthy body is a must in today’s hustle and bustle life that we live. Everything is moving very fast and we must take some precaution to keep ourselves fit. Here are few points on how one can keep yourself fit.

  1.  Exercise

All you have to do is just exercise 4 times a week. No need to go to the gym and lift weights.

  1. Stretch your body carefully. It will increase blood flow
  2. If there is a garden nearby go for a power walk
  3. Simple pushups and pull-ups are good for strengthening your muscles
  4. Swimming is also great way to remain fit
  1. Never skip breakfast

When you get up in the morning and you are rushing to the office, we mostly skip our breakfast and end up consuming food a later which is not good for the body’s metabolism. Here are few tips which everyone can use for quick, easy and health.

  1. Make yourself a smoothie
  2. French toast are easy to make
  3. Oats are healthy and very filling and you can add fruits
  4.  Pancakes are easy to make and can be very filling

Always remember breakfast is the healthiest meal of the day

  1.   Watch what you eat.

It is easy to grab ready to eat meal from the supermarket counter which is not good for the body, but fret not there is help. If you are really hungry do not gorge yourself with cold Pizza’s, donut and chips. Go for something organic because it will not only be filling but also healthy.

  1. Eat fruits like banana, apple and orange
  2. Ready to eat green salad
  3. Hard boiled eggs
  4. Glass of milk

These are some of the easy way to have food items which will keep you strong and healthy.

  1. If you like sports, don’t’ just watch it play also. Playing a game of basketball, volleyball or soccer can invigorate physically and mentally. Also interacting with friends is good for the mind and the body
  2. Laugh everyday because it may sound corny but laughter can make you very healthy. When we laugh we release endorphin which is a natural stress reliever. So make it a point to watch a funny clip in youtube.
  3. Personal hygiene is an absolute must. Keep yourself clean and hygienic at all time and brush your teeth twice a day, it will keep you healthy.
  4. Drink lots of water because it is very important to keep your body hydrated at all times.
  5. Finally get a good night sleep because we all must sleep for  at least 8 hours