Here’s Why You Need To Stop Drinking Alkaline Water Right Away

Water is the necessity of life. Clean drinking water should be consumed, but what’s sad is many of them don’t have it. The major problem that many Australians face nowadays is alkalinity. The mitigation can be done easily by installing a water purifier. But many people are unable to use it as they don’t know how dangerous alkaline water can be.

Before knowing its hazards, get to know the meaning of alkaline and what exactly it is. The number of basic ions present in the water which is measured with the help of a pH meter is known as alkaline. The water that we drink has 7.4 pH level and anything above or below it is considered non-ideal. This water has pH effects of more than 7.4 which can be harmful to the body. Some of them are mentioned below:

è Cardiovascular disease

This might come as a shock but drinking water above or below the normal pH level can be the major concern of heart disease. It can be dangerous for cardiovascular muscles. Both the elders and kids can be affected. That’s why it is essential to use a water purifier at home. People will stay protected from these hazardous substances which are not visible.

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è Indigestion

The acid is produced where food that we eat gets digested. It is crucial in digestion as the food will become a simple compound for the intestines while absorbing. But alkaline neutralizes the acid. The process of digestion will be longer which will lead to indigestion. The issue can be commonly seen in the people using basic water. The effects can normally be seen in elderly people.

è Hypertension

Nowadays, hypertension is faced by many youngsters. The symptoms remain common until they get severe. It has been found in the research that hypertension can also be the reason for consuming basic water. Keep in mind that high blood pressure is the major cause of various serious diseases and is connected with tiredness and body aches.

è Skin issues

One might get rashes on their skin after consuming basic water. It is the result of the body’s immune system to unwanted and dangerous substances. Water use in excess above or below the pH level can lead to discoloration of the skin. Though, it is yet to be proved. It can be better to stay safe.

è Anxiety

Anxiety issue is common in teenagers because of work and college schedule. You might get shocked to hear that one out of three people suffers from anxiety. The reason can be anything.

But alkaline water fuels the process. The body’s secrete become less dopamine which induces happiness. The digestion process also gets slow down that makes the situation worse.

The solution to all the issues mentioned above is a water purifier. They help to get you rid of alkaline water. Get it installed in your house and forget all the problems. It is only better for everyone to own it.