Individual Music Therapy for Depression

Mental Health, in the past few years, has gained immense attention as a huge number of population is being impacted upon by Depression and anxiety issues. The problem is caused by a form of changes in mood swings as well as lack of interest from day to day activities. The amount of research and treatments are being conducted worldwide to cure patients undergoing depression. In the recent times, what has gained responsiveness is the Individual Music Therapy due to their excellent outcomes which are being delivered after being implied upon by the patients. Music holds great power to heal an individual mentally, emotionally, physically and socially.

Individual Music Therapy:

Considering the individual aspect of the music therapy, this therapy is undertaken by the patients on their own where they tend of listening to music, analyze it and some of them even create their own. The instruments used during the therapy drive the sensory coordination of individuals. There are other benefits attached in regards to curing the depression. Those are mentioned below:

Music Therapy accelerates motor skills development which then, initiate better coordination of brain and other senses. This further leads to a better quality of sensations and skills generated by music.

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Creating one’s individual music increases the level of concentration and lets the Depression deprived individuals to calm their mind. The therapy in itself is a workout for the brain which then results in the release of relaxation hormones, in turn, calming the soul of the sufferer.

Changes in the genre of music lead to the development of creativity within individuals. As soon as the music genre changes, the mind starts detecting new music and sound. This method gets your brain activated, and level of creativity is affected in an optimistic mannerism.

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Music Therapy lets one become more expressive in nature in both ways by music or through non-verbal communication. Individuals suffering from depression often tend to get short of words due to which they become less expressive and find it hard to communicate what exactly is going with their mindset. Through music, a channel is opened for better communication in every possible way.

Listening to music and getting hold of lyrics, sometimes, regulates memory where depressant individuals get different situations from their life recalled which they might have left way behind. For instance – a memory may strike from the good old childhood days which the individual might have forgotten after coming into depression.

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When playing an instrument or listening to music, mental relaxation takes place. It is a natural therapy which reduces the level of stress as well as anxiety. Better the mental health, better would be the individual’s behavior. Music Therapy is a great way to heal behavioral changes which hits the individuals depressed at any moment.

Better quality sleep is achieved with the method of Music Therapy. A relaxed mind initiates better quality of sleep which affects the better development of mental health and mental alertness.

Music Therapy heals the social aspect of an individual. Creating one’s music spawns an interest which stimulates the mind of an individual to work upon and release happy hormones. If an individual is happy, he will never stay away from socializing. The feeling attained off meeting new people will lead to the betterment social skills.

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When suffering from depression, one loses itself and attain a feeling of helplessness. Music Therapy makes them accept themselves and build confidence within to accept their current condition. Self-acceptance takes place, and a sense of belonging within makes a space.

Regardless of the benefits that have been received from Music Therapy, there has been immense discussions over the duration and how effective this Therapy is when looking on to the patients who are applying in the daily routine. Though therapy does not immediately impact the individuals, what has been noted is that as compared to other therapies being undertaken by the experts for curing depression as well as anxiety, Music Therapy has shown positive results. Within a span of three months, it has laid a massive impact on curing the mental health illness. Apart from the initial improvement, what else has been a taken into consideration is that the music has boosted the ability of individuals to read and learn. Individuals have cured themselves after getting reading habit back into their routine.

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These positive impacts could be experienced by just one hour of listening to music. Depression in the society is often ignored and what else is haunting is the symptoms being ignored by the family and well-wishers. Music, since ages, has healed not only depression but several other diseases. The healing power of music has helped thousands of patients getting back to their normal routine and fight depression.

Fighting depression and anxiety in itself is the biggest challenge which many of the individuals are going through. It is essential to acknowledge the symptoms on time and let us all try to give our 100 percent of contribution to those who are fighting their lives off to get out of depression and anxiety.

Music Therapy thus has done wonders to heal and is still performing well.

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