Simple Home Exercises for Fitness

Many people do not prefer going to the gym because they find the place too crowded and feel more comfortable working out in the confines of their homes. One would not have to endure Body Oder & sweaty work out machines which no one wants to touch. So if you want to get fit you can actually follow simple exercises which one can easily do in the comfort of their homes. All you need to give is no more than 20 minutes a day 5 times a week and you will be one your way to a better body.

Push ups

You can do this at home or a park near you and this is a very effective strength building exercise. It not only makes your arms stronger but gives complete workout for your chest.

Pull ups

Again this exercise can be done at the confine of your house or a park near you. This exercise again gives power to your arms and helps make your back and shoulders muscles strong.

Sit ups

All you need is a clean mat and again this simple exercise could be done anywhere. This is the ideal exercise for getting firmer abdominal muscles.


You can do lunges with or without weights. Either way this a strength building exercise for your legs and upper thigh. Just after few weeks you can see visible changes of your legs.


Again you can do this exercise at home and you can use a chair for support. If you think you can do this without any support then all you need to do is pull your arms straight and squat away. Excellent exercise to get toned legs and firm buttocks.

Skipping rope

Skipping rope is not that expensive and this is an excellent cardio workout. Just 5 minutes of jumping ropes would invigorate your heart muscles and thus allow your body to have better blood circulation. Skipping is ideal for building stamina.