Tiffin Troubles

These days the most difficult decision a woman has to make is what food to give her children for school and this specially applies for small children. Kids want something different everyday and also enjoy it even more if the look is different. If taste is important so is presentation. No longer children are satisfied with a monotones launch prepared by their mother.  What your kids would want in there Tiffin and what you want to give them, can never be same. But we can come up with a mix which is healthy as well as tasty as per your kids liking. Let’s look at a few things you can do, which can give a complete image makeover to the daily Tiffin box you pack for your kids.

Looks Matter

You know your kids favorite cartoon character, so buy their favorite cartoon character themed lunch box. There is a huge variety available in the market. This adds a lot of fun element to the Tiffin eating experience. Get them a same theme spoon or fork and a matching tissue paper and they would just love it.


Every day of the week has to be made special. giving either bread or chapatti is not the answer. There are a lot of kid centric food shows on TV, explore them. They provide you with a lot of yummy and healthy food options that your kids would love to eat.


Instead of putting just one thing in Tiffin, give them small portion of 2 to 3 things daily. If you give them stuffed roti for Monday, also give them small portion of fruits to go with it like apples or grapes. Along with it some almonds and cashew nuts, just 2 or 3 would be enough. That ways even if they don’t like one of the options and do not finish their launch, than they have can have something else.


Plan for the week ahead. Different days need to have completely different menu like Monday sandwich, Tuesday roti, and Wednesday pulao. Also plan one day in the week as” treat day” where you can send something like pasta or noodles but make sure it is wheat based.

Different varieties of one thing.

Roti does not mean roti and sabzi always. It can be stuffed roti of any kind, e.g. cheese stuffed. Similarly bread can be used in so many different ways. Just one point to be considered try going in for wheat bread.

Involve your kids

As we mentioned that you need to plan for the week ahead. Sit with your kids over the weekend. Ask them what all they would want to take in Tiffin. You might not agree with them on few points, similarly they might not agree with you on some points. But once the menu will be decided both the parties would have to eventually agree to it.

Here, is a simple tiffin week menu, to give you an idea about how to plan the best






Bread - Commom options-bread butter, bread jam or sandwich(which would be more healthy and filling) Vegatable sandwich is a good option


Home made chips


Parantha Day - Aloo, gobhi,cheese anything that your kids would prefer.




Rice- Pulao, fried rice,poha.


Cake slices or muffin


Treat Day- Pasta, Noodles.



(The above mentioned menu is a vegetarian diet, you can change the plan as per your kids liking and your preferences)