Top 5 Workout/Fitness Trends Of 2020

From workout wear to accessories you will be getting all information in this article. A huge population is opting for Yoga and meditation as well. Some of them are even working out in the comfort of their own house using zero to some basic equipment. So if you want to know about them all then keep reading.


The most basic one of the lot maybe. Running has always been the most favourite workout for the mass amount of people. Running is a classic exercise that is likely to stay with us to the end of human existence. Running keeps you fit, strengthens your body, helps you clear your thoughts. Running is an overall body exercise it also helps in sleeping and digesting foods. There are also fitness bands that help you keep track of your overall activities like total steps taken, heart rate, sleep pattern, etc.

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Weight Training

A lot of people seem to freak out when being told about weight training. But weight training doesn't always mean resistance bands, iron dumbles, or kettlebells. Weight training is intended to strengthen your cores and body. If you workout at home some alternatives for this equipment would be any household items that are heavy like, grocery, lifting your children, using buckets filled with waters or water bottles.


A new form of an exercise that people are crazy about all over the internet. Some celebrities took this trend on the peak by the ending of 2019 and from then on, these special form of workout is only growing among fitness freaks. Pilates is great for maintaining a slim and fit figure with proper strength. The dutches of the Cambridge Meghan Markle and various other celebrities shed light on the Pilates. Pilates provides strength and helps your muscles grow.


Whereas weight training and heavy workout can be sometimes hard for your body to cope with and can cause you pain, injuries, and strains yoga is not at all risky. Yoga is all about achieving the correct body posture by stretching. Yoga improves your body's flexibility and stimulates blood flow all over your body. There is no weight included in yoga all you need is a mat and your fitness wear. Make sure to wear well-fitted clothes so that you can identify your progress easily.


Not a lot of people were doing this in 2019 but as we saw the rise of 2020 meditation came in top with hand in hand with the new year. From celebrities to entrepreneurs everyone is raving about its importance and why everyone must meditate. A lot of studies, doctors, fitness trainers, and researchers approved its results and from then on everyone seems to have taken it seriously. It helps in relaxing our nerves and keep anger, depression, anxiety at bay.

So these are the top 5 fitness/workout trends of 2020 that are here to stay for a while. If you haven't decided what to go with what are you waiting for? Select one and get the ball rolling.