What Are The Top 5 Threats To Our Health In The Developed World?

The developed countries like any other part in the world face a certain crisis of health. This article will inform you of some of the factors that prove to be a threat to one’s health in developed countries.

1. Quality of water 

Through the developed countries have a strong infrastructure and are very active when it comes to the quality of health. These countries have various agencies that are actively involved with the preservation of the environment and the health of the world. However, this has resulted in a shift of focus from the more necessary amenities which are required to live healthy, to involve various other issues and the clean water is no longer on a similar priority like it was once upon a time. These countries have industries which are booming but have been seen to pollute water bodies around their locations.

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2. The end of the age of antibiotics 

Developed countries often have placed a great emphasis on medicines. This overuse has led to varying results. When antibiotics are used in excess, the body starts creating resistance to it. We often see a variety of diseases which compromises the immunity of the patient and there are no antibiotics that can help because of this overt use. This phenomenon is seen more in developed countries rather than in developing countries. Antibiotics are also not seen as a profitable market by the companies creating the medicines. This has resulted in less money and time being invested in its development.

3. Paints and plumbing that contains lead 

There are still a high number of lead pipes that exist in various homes or other institutions. It is not being replaced as quickly as it should be. It is seen that the walls that have been painted using paints, that have lead in it as a component, can have adverse effects on health. In such a situation, when the walls are removed or even if the paints are scrapped then the lead component becomes airborne and can be ingested by anybody.

4. Chemicals 

Many developed countries have policies against various chemicals and how they should be used and stored. It is because various chemicals can prove to be life-threatening. Many chemicals that are banned in other countries find their ways to others and are often sold to un sceptical buyers.

5. The quality of healthcare 

Developed countries also face the issue of the quality of healthcare which is available to the people. It is often seen that due to varies negligences and inadequate diagnosis of result in the death of multiple patients every year.