What Do Our Lifestyles Post COVID-19 Look Like?

As the change, the lockdown, the fear has made major changes in all aspects of our lifestyle. Surely it is going to make changes in the choices we make, such as going out to eat at a restaurant or preferring to eat at home, a theatre movie outing or an at-home movie experience. Now when these entertainment options have been affected then how can our healthcare options stay behind. The way we choose our healthcare practices, our eye clinics, our dental practices etc all will be focussed not only on best treatments but also look at how they are maintaining safety and sterilization.

While we all can only think of all the wrongs that have been caused by this pandemic, one positive is definitely the awareness it has created amongst people about basic hygiene and sanitation. It has made us realise how important these small factors are to keep our health intact.

Hygiene and sanitation are essential elements and should be in place in any commercial establishment such as a hospital, dental clinic, restaurant,  movie theatre etc, but no one really questioned its absence, however, in the post-COVID-19 world, it will become mandatory. This will pressurize all commercial establishments to take this extremely seriously, which might have been ignored in the past. While an in-theatre movie outing or an in-restaurant meal can be avoided, but an in-clinic health check-up or dental treatment leaves us with no other option.

Hospital-acquired infections were something that we all knew about, but never believed that it can happen to us.  But now in this post-COVID-19 era, we all have learnt that we can acquire infections from anyone, anywhere and at any time. Thus to know that a place we will be visiting is safe, sanitized and equipped with all safety measures is a must.

With respect to dental treatment, given the nature of treatments that are provided at a dental clinic, the risk of cross-infection is quite high as compared to other places that one might visit.

Hence, the safety that needs to be followed with respect to sterilization, disinfection and all other safety measures becomes extremely critical at a dental practice.

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As a consumer, it becomes our responsibility to research all the safety measures which are in place so that you are safe from contracting any unwanted infection 

These are also things that you must keep in mind while visiting a general physician or a hospital for any medical treatment. 


• SCREENING MEASURES: Few leading dental practices in Delhi are providing TELE-CONSULTATIONS in order to minimize the risk of exposure. They are also encouraging NO ATTENDANTS along with patients, handling patients only on APPOINTMENT BASIS. These small steps indicate that the practice is genuinely concerned and cautious and these go a long way in minimizing the risk of exposure to their patients.

•  INITIAL PROTECTIVE MEASURES:  ENTRY SCREENING, HAND SANITIZATION, MASKS AND SHOE COVERS, EMPTY WAITING AREAS should definitely be the norm. If these are not being followed, this should be a cause for concern for you.

• TREATMENT PROTECTION MEASURES: It is important for dental practices to use PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT, especially for their staff who are responsible for the treatment i.e treating dentist and dental assistants. If this is being followed, then this saves you from the risk of cross-contamination.
• STERILIZATION AND DISINFECTION PROTOCOLS: Now, this is something that is internal to the practice and you would not be able to easily assess this. However, if the dental practice is following the right protocols, then they would definitely inform you about it either through their website or you would be able to see the certifications from the relevant authorities on the website or in any other form.

Some things that you must enquire about:

1. Are treatments being done in isolated chambers?
2. Are instruments kept and sterilized in sealed packets?
3. Are the instruments being sterilized as per CDC protocol?
4. What overall clinic sterilization processes are being followed?
5. How many patients are being treated in the same chamber in a day?

•  TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENT: Use of the right technology and equipment plays a major role in providing high-quality treatment and ensuring sterilization and disinfection. For example,  intraoral X-rays during this pandemic have higher chances of cross-contamination, thus a full mouth X-ray  (OPG) is preferred. As a practice, some important considerations that one must look into before choosing the best dental clinic are:
1.    Is there in-clinic availability of full mouth X-ray (OPG) facility?
2.    Is any advanced equipment being used for extra protection and prevention?
3.    What measures are being taken to filter the water?
4.    What measures are being taken to purify the air?

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