Why Does Any Virus Break Into Human Body So Easily?

The deadliest of diseases mankind has seen like influenza, HIV, flu, Ebola and now Covid-19 have one thing common a “virus” causes them. Viruses are microorganisms that infect a human cell and cause disease and then they thrive and reproduce on the host's body.

There is a very close connection between microorganisms and humans. From the first virus discovered in 1901 to the latest virus discovered in 2019, there are various virus species known to be able to infect humans.

Characteristics of a Virus are:

They reproduce very fast by living on the host cells.
They can mutate.
They are acellular.
They have DNA or RNA, but not both.
They do not have a metabolism of their own and feast on the host’s body.

Microorganisms capable of causing disease are called pathogens. They viruses usually enter in our cells through the eyes, nose, mouth, , or urogenital openings, wounds, bites . Viruses invade our cells and attack certain organs in our bodies like the liver, respiratory system or blood.

Viruses are known to be adaptable andcan survive in extreme environments, unlike the human body. They also reproduce extremely fast once they find a host.


Here Are a Few Reasons Why Any Virus Affects the Human Body so easily:

1.Migrating/Travelling to new areas

 Our immune system takes time to adapt to new changes so viruses can enter a body easily when someone is new to a certain environment. If the host body’s immune system isn’t strong the virus paves a way in.

2. Changes in Human Demographic

Excessive use of abusive drugs, sexual activities, poverty, war, the famine causes a change in the normal behavior of humans which makes them easy prey for viruses to attack.

3. Human to Human Transmission

Viruses travel easily via contact with the infected body or body fluids (sneezing/coughing). When an infected person leaves behind microbes by touching a doorknob, countertop, etc. the viruses transfer to the next person who touches the same surface and then touches his eye/mouth/nose.

4.Contaminated food

If humans consume food that has not been handled well and it is contaminated the viruses enter the digestive system and start growing and infecting the digestive system very easily.

5.Carriers of viruses

In our everyday life, we come in contact with carriers of various viruses, the most prominent ones are mosquitoes and rats. Viruses can easily transmit from the carriers to the human body if they get bitten by them.

Some viruses are stronger than the human immune system and they evolve fast, which gives them an edge over humans. But humans have a chance to continuously challenge and fight the virus by following the health guidelines, eat right, hydrate and keep a healthy lifestyle.