Wonder Food For Indian Summer

Scorching heat, bright sun, perspiration that is what summer brings along. How to protect your body from this extreme summer heat in India. Here are a few wonder foods that would help you fight this summer off.

  1.  Lemons

Lemons are a great source of Vitamin C. The best way to have them is by making lemonade out of them. Squeeze a lemon into a glass of water. Add sugar or salt or both as per your taste with a few ice cubes. Enjoy chilled lemonade to beat the scorching heat.  You can also add a pinch of black salt or mint leaves for taste.

  1. Aam Panna

My grandmother used to make it every summer, so does my mom. It is a drink made out of raw mango. Really good for summers.  Make some and keep it in the refrigerator, drink once or twice a day and especially when you come home from office. Another option would be to make chutney out of raw mango.

  1. Curd

Curd has always been known for its cooling effect. Try making fresh curd at home. It can actually be had in various forms. Make a raita to go along with meals. Or make a fresh fruit curd or the best way to have it during summers would be lassi. A bit of water mixed with lassi, can be sweet or salty. Try this after meals, it gives you an amazing refreshing feeling.

  1. Fresh Fruits

There a lot of fresh seasonal fruits available in the market during summer. Like water melon, musk melon, litchi and more. They water content of upto90%.They keep you hydrated and have amazing nutritional value. Being seasonal they are not as costly as the other fruits, so enjoy till they last.

  1.  Veggies

Veggies are available all year around, but especially during summers they are a lot of variety available in abundance. Bitter gourd, lady finger, peas, capsicum, carrot to name a few. Veggies are full of nutrients. Just avoid overcooking them as it may lead to loss of nutrients. Beet root is a good option for salads and soups.

  1. Cucumber

It has to be mentioned separately because of its water content. Eat it as salad with your meals, grate it and make a sandwich or raita out of it, Or just peal it have it as a evening snack.

  1. Mango

Alphanso, Dussheri, Ratnagiri. There are over 400 varieties of mango. They are available in abundance in Indian market during summer season. Full of nutrients.  There are a lot of mango recipes like mango kulfi, mango shake, mango pulp and a lot more. Eat it in any form you like. Relish the king of fruits this season.

  1. Coconut Water

Known for its nutritional and medicinal properties, coconut water is the super drink for summers. Although it is available all year around, it is best to quench your thirst and hydrate your body rather than any aerated drinks available in the market.

  1. Soups

Make clear veg soups, or chicken soup, as per your liking. Put in a lot of veggies like Palak, beet root, Amla, tomato or any other vegetable you like in a cooker, give it a quick whistle, put in salt and your clear veg soup is ready.