Yellow Teeth? Make Them Pearly White With These Home Remedies

Who doesn’t like or want white teeth like a pearl? They are not only a sign of good oral health but add to aesthetics as well. However, our teeth start appearing yellow as we age but there are other reasons as well, which are smoking, poor dental hygiene, consumption of caffeine, and genes.

If you are unable to visit a dentist for a teeth whitening session, here are certain home remedies to polish your teeth and keep them shining white.

1.      Fruit peels

Peels of some fruits such as orange, lemon, and banana are rich in Vitamin C and contain a compound known as d-limonene. These elements make your teeth white naturally. Additionally, it has been found in the study that the positive effect of toothpaste containing 5 percent d-limonene is effective in removing yellow stains. People who brushed with that toothpaste daily noticed the reduced stains in appearance significantly.

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Another study found the whitening effects of the citric acid extract. The best results are found with tangerine peel. Make sure to be careful while rubbing the peels as they contain acid and can erode the enamel, making teeth damaged and more sensitive.

2.      Apple cider vinegar

It is great for your health as well as your hair; the ingredient can be used to make your teeth white as well. The research says that apple cider vinegar has a bleaching effect on cow’s teeth.

So, the natural mouthwash can be made by mixing 2 tsp. of ACV in 100ml of water. Wash the entire mouth with this mouthwash for 30-40 seconds. As it has a bleaching effect, make sure to dilute it before using and don’t keep it in your mouth for a longer time.

3.      Baking soda

It is known to be the most effective way to remove yellow stains from teeth. The research says that baking soda is believed to be the safest way to whiten teeth. Moreover, it also reduces bacteria and keeps your teeth away from plaque.

4.      Oil pulling

Coconut oil is used as a mouthwash in this method. It has been found in a 2015 study that the oil pulling method help in reducing plaque which is the main reason for yellow teeth.

5.      Salt and mustard oil

It is a unique home remedy that helps to kill bacteria in your mouth. Both the ingredients work as natural teeth whiteners. Three-part mustard oil and one-part salt are all you need. After making a paste, rub it on your teeth for few minutes. You can either use your fingers or the toothpaste gently. After use, see the results yourself.

Your teeth will become whiter after implementing these home remedies. These results will make a lot of difference. What’s best is that you only need to spend few minutes while trying these techniques to improve the appearance of your teeth. You can consult your dentist before starting these remedies so you don’t damage your teeth.