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How You Can Hire A Home Cleaning Service in Middle East

Sahar international company is one of the best companies offering cleaning services in the Middle East. Our services are well known for their accuracy and professionalism and our team are experts and professionals. We offer you four important and essential services you can ask for any of them anytime. These four services are:

Cleaning services: these services include everything related to cleaning. We clean houses, palaces, villas and residential buildings. It also includes every part within these places. We do kitchen cleaning, carpets, curtains, sofas, living rooms, and bedrooms. You can ask for any service you are looking for and we will try to provide it for you.

Furniture transportation services: These services include all stages of the transfer of furniture, which begins by dismantling large pieces and turn them into small parts and then the stage of packaging and transportation.

Pest control services: We fight all kinds of insects and this means any kind of insects that can be found inside the house. These include cockroaches, locusts, mosquitoes, bed bugs, ants, termites, and flies. We also have a disposal service for mice and snakes. If you have any somewhat insect inside your home, contact us and we will save you from them

Water tanks maintenance and cleaning services: The services of cleaning the water tanks include removing any deposits stuck inside the water tank and cleaning the tank from the inside and outside and ensure that the tank works efficiently and they also includes the maintenance and installation of water tanks.

Sahar International Company provides all its services to customers in all the following cities Jeddah, Makkah, and Taif.

Services of Sahar international company in Jeddah:

If you are one of our customers in Jeddah, we offer you the best service. As we mentioned we have many different services and you can get any of them easily when you contact us.

  • Our cleaning services in Jeddah:

Shahar International Company is the best cleaning company for apartments and houses in Jeddah because we rely on the best cleaning methods and the best cleaning tools and machines this gives the best possible results.

  • Our pest control services in Jeddah:

Do you need a professional insect control company with the best prices and offers? Sahar International Company is what you are looking for because we have the best types of insecticides, which are strong and effective. We offer all our customers in Jeddah the best prices to get rid of harmful insects of all kinds.

  • Our furniture transportation services in Jeddah:

Why choose the services of Sahar international company to transport furniture? Because we provide you the best transportation trucks and the best packaging materials and a team of professional workers. All of this will guarantee you the safe transportation of your furniture.

We also do these services in a short time to save the time of our customers in Jeddah.

  • Our water tanks maintenance and cleaning services in Jeddah:

Due to the high temperature in Jeddah city and the Arab countries, fungi multiply on the water tanks and this makes the water inside these tanks unusable. We at Sahar International Company have the best water tanks cleaning services for our customers in Jeddah.

The method of cleaning the tanks depends on the type of theses tanks and whether they are ground or overhead. Our team will develop a plan to clean the water tanks and get the best results.

Services of Sahar international company in Taif:

  • Our cleaning services in Taif:

Every person wants to live in a clean and beautiful place. The meaning of a clean place is to be free of dirt or stains because the stains make the appearance of the house dirty and bad.

We have cleaning products and Refreshers we use them by professional team for cleaning works at Sahar International Company.

  • Our pest control services in Taif:

Do you suffer from insects in your home? Do not worry we have experts and we will send you our professional pest control team. We use different insecticides so we can fight all different insects.

When you ask for our pest control services, you will get the best service because our goal is to make every home in Taif free of harmful insects

  • Our furniture transportation services in Taif:

If you have a lot of furniture and you feel that, it is very difficult for you to move it let it to us. We will send you our team with best transportation trucks.

Sahar International Company guarantees you the completion of the work in a short time and at an excellent price. We are the best moving furniture in taif (???? ??? ??? ???????)

  • Our water tanks maintenance and cleaning services in Taif:

It is very necessary to clean the water tanks periodically and from time to time. Cleaning these tanks every month ensures a lot of protection for them and for you. When cleaning the tanks, the water must be disposed first and then the actual cleaning steps begin. A worker removes the accumulated dirt on the walls of the tank and floor.

Disinfectants such as chlorine, water, and cleaning preparations will ensure a high degree of cleanliness and disinfection for water tanks.

Services of Sahar international company in Makkah:

  • Our cleaning services in Makkah:

You can get a beautiful home with a fresh smell when you request Sahar international company cleaning services because we will clean your house carefully and make it free of dust and stains

  • Our pest control services in Makkah:

No matter what type of insects causing you problems, we will work to combat and eliminate them because we have the best pesticides

  • Our furniture transportation services in Makkah:

We can transport very large quantities of furniture by equipped transport trucks and strong work team. You only need to contact us and explain the service you want and we will provide it to you

  • Our water tanks maintenance and cleaning services in Makkah:

Cleaning the water tanks must be every six months in order to keep the tank clean and thus keep the water clean. So we offer you and each customer in Makkah our services all the time and we in Sahar international company can provide you with the services of cleaning tanks continuously and very wonderful offers.


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