The A-1 breakfast for superb health

The A-1 breakfast for superb health
The A-1 breakfast for superb health Priya Xaxa

The A-1 breakfast for superb health

The A-1 breakfast for superb health. Perfect start for a perfect day with a perfect meal.

It is an ancient belief that if you start your day with good things your whole remains good and fruitful. I believe and agree with it. Speaking from a personal experience a good breakfast really kick-starts your day. It keeps you in a good mood and in good health obviously.

The best breakfast for superb health is Oats. It is also known as the number one breakfast food primarily because it is the most successful in keeping people full and satisfying hunger for the longest period of time.

Oats contain complex carbohydrates, which digests gently and gives you the energy to keep you going through the day in spite of your hectic morning schedules and keeps you alert. They are easy to cook so you can have a steaming bowl of oats ready within minutes. They can be cooked either in milk or water. With milk you can also keep it soaked overnight and it will be ready for breakfast the next day. It is a healthy choice for a breakfast as it is hassle free, healthy and fiber rich and be considered definitely to be a part of the modern day diet as they also assist in weight management too.

Milk Oats

Nutrition facts

Fat- 6.9g

Calories- 389

Fiber- 10.6g

Water- 8%

Sugar- 0

Carbs- 66.3g

Protein- 16.9 g

Best time for its consumption

Mornings are distinctly the best time to eat oats for giving a great kick-start to the day. It should be preferably consumed in the breakfast menu as your body receives a nutritious punch that wakes you up and refuels the starving body after an entire night of starvation and gives you enough energy to strive through the day with a good amount of energy. But if you do not get a chance to have it in the morning then you can also have oats as mid-afternoon snack.

Best for consumption- why?

There are innumerable reasons that can be listed as to why oats is the best food for consumption. It is even called as the breakfast superhero sometimes. As aforementioned already, oats are a great source of energy. Majorly it helps in managing the body weight loss, as it is low in caloric content and helps you fill up faster and curb those hunger pangs that often prove dangerous as they aid in prospering of junk food.

Oat Cookies

Now you see why Oats is the best food for breakfast. This superhero meal can make you a real superhero to take care of all activities during the day.

The Supreme Court of India whilst noting that it bears the powers to impose ‘special sentences’ has on Monday awarded a jail term of 25 years to the son of Uttar Pradesh’s politician D.P. Yadav, Vikas Yadav and his cousin Vishal Yadav convicted for their role in kidnapping and brutal killing of Nitish Katara in 2002.

The judges panel comprised of Justices Dipak Mishra and C Nagappan. They supported the judicial precedents that allow the jail sentences to be expanded over above the statutory minimum and maximum sentences prescribed in law. They also handed down a 20-year jail sentence to their co-convict Sukhdev Yadav also known as ‘Pehalwan’, in the murder case, who was initially granted 25-year jail term in the case by the high court.

The Katara murder case is termed as “honour killing”, as the MBA graduate and a son of the Railway official, Nitish Katara was murdered for being in a relationship with Vikas’s sister Bharti to which they opposed. The Supreme Court enhanced the convicts jail year term to 25 years in jail without remission for being involved in murder as well as destructing the evidence of the murder. Back in 2002 the crime had raised a public cry for justice as the honour killing was done in a very carefully planned and premeditated manner with utmost vengeance.

The verdict has also enhanced the fines that had been imposed on Vikas and Vishal by slapping an amount of Rs 54 lakh on each of them. The high court had on April 2, 2014, had upheld the verdict of the lower court in the case by describing the offence as honour killing that stemmed from a deeply entrenched belief in the caste system.

Victim mother’s Neelam Katara hails the Supreme Court’s order and added that the apex court should have increased the term by ten years instead of decreasing it, and that there must be decriminalization of politics so that the common man do not have to suffer from their atrocities. The murder was no ordinary crime therefore deserves stringent punishment. She also believes that this is now the fight of Nitish and the youth of this country of right to choose partner and right choice of marriage.

We hope this case becomes a mark of the beginning of a change in the people who still go along the ridicules of the caste system to bar the youth of India.