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Content Guidelines for Guest Post on UTS

Be a Writer, Tell A Story

Yes, you. You are a writer, a storyteller, a person who needs to be heard, a person who thrives when stories thrive. If you believe you can stir up the readers, ask them questions, give solutions and ignite debates and discussions, we have a platform at your disposal.

U The Story is all about stories and how people and stories define our very existence. A platform which believes in encapsulating the essence of existence and hence, this is where you can be a part, an accomplice and tell your own story.

We want your article to be exemplary, we want it to stand out, and together we will chart this path. Once you submit the article, the editorial team will work in close proximity with you, give you elaborate feedback and help the writer in you take wings.

Covering Several Bases

U The Story has all the bases covered – be it health, be it fitness, be it lifestyle or be it the human spirit, there is a story to be told everywhere and hence, we believe you will find something to write on almost every day.

For what are we, if not for the stories around and hence, your work will give you credibility, it will allow the readers, the outside world to get a sneak peek into the way you are thinking and this is what will help you march onwards and upwards.

Basic Guidelines Which Need To Be Followed

General Guidelines
Do's and don'ts
  1. The argument should be made clearly and without any bias.
  2. Articles should always be objective offering a clear perspective and it should be driven by agendas. We do not aim to target an individual or an organisation, we intend to weave stories and hence, opinions should always be respectful.
  3. Grammar and spellings should always be checked before submission – we are a team and hence, let’s work like one.
  4. If data and quotes have a reference, please cite them. We will not publish any article which has unsubstantiated data.
  5. Cut the flab, speak about the crux, offer solutions, be crisp and concise.


  1. Please make sure the articles are in plain-text drafts. Submissions in other formats like .pdf, etc. is bound to make editing and publishing your drafts a tricky prospect.
  2. Always use British English. Use British spellings.
  3. If abbreviations are used, please expand it in the first instance and then use the short form if and when needed in the rest of the article.
  4. While quoting from a source, identify the source in clear terms and also provide the relevant backlink.
  5. Provide a caption for all the tables and images which have been used in the article.
  6. Plagiarized articles will not be accepted and well, any such attempts will lead to a blanket ban.
  7. The article should tick the several SEO specifics and should be unique.
  8. The stories should be posted in paragraphs, interactive subheadings and clear points.
  9. If the article has been published on U The Story, it cannot be published anywhere else.
  10. All possible editorial and technical help will be provided.

So, this is the chance for you to soar, to let stories define you as a person, for you are the story. You can pitch us your story ideas or mail your Guest Post request at “