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10 Best Sex Positions For Couples

Sex is the most natural function on earth. Birds do it, bees do it and every creatures on this planet do it. Otherwise, I would not be writing this and you would not be reading it. Sex is the stress reliever and the best medicine for developing intimacy between couples. Even without manuals people all over the world have enjoyed doing it. But a little guidance always helps. There are sex positions which can make your body twist and turn with ecstasy and help give your partner the orgasm that they deserve. Here are 10 simple sex positions to spice up your life.

  1. Cowgirl

It is one of the most exciting sex positions and in this case the woman is in control. You are laying flat on your back and she is straddling you with her thighs and her heaving breast falling up and down which you have full access to enjoy it. In this position the tightening of the vagina can be achieved with gyrating moments of the hips.

  1. Glowing triangle

This sex position will seem like the missionary position at first, but it has a twist to it. When the man penetrates he is all fours and the woman lifts her buttocks and puts all the pressure on her feet. The man remains motionless while the woman does all the work. It is wise to let the woman take control during sex as they can be more flexible.

  1. The Peg

The man lies on his back with his legs totally stretched out and parted to make room for the woman. The woman lies on top of him with her legs closed and stretched out. Good for well endowed partners as the man can’t penetrate too deeply, as the woman’s legs are closed. Also it helps in developing good intimacy as you are face to face.

  1. The Visitor

Usually people end up having sex in this position when they just can’t get to the bedroom  The man and the woman stand face to face with full on eye contact both the partners can gently stimulates each other genitals before penetrating. A very easy position if the man and the woman are of similar height or the women is wearing high heels.

  1. The Toad

The woman lies totally on her back with her legs wide open, while the man lies on top and slowly penetrates her. This position is for creating greater intimacy. The woman can wrap her legs around him like a serpent and control the pressure of his thrust and grinding by gently pressing on his buttocks with her feet or even her hands. If you are getting intimate for the first time this is the best position for slower pace of lovemaking.

  1. The Kneel

The woman and the man both kneel in this position making eye contact which is must. This position allows the partners to embrace each other tightly as the woman puts her legs either side of the man's so he can penetrate her. This allows them to both wrap their arms around each other and during the penetration can move the hips clockwise and anti clockwise for more friction. Also you and your partner can have long and passionate kiss. This is very simple position to have sex but it is also an extremely passionate position.

  1. The Curled Angel

Who says couples cannot have sex when they are pregnant. This position is absolutely designed for pregnant women to enjoy sex. The woman curls up into a ball with her knees drawn up to her chest, while the man spoons her from behind and if she is pregnant all she needs to do is to lower her legs to accommodate her growing bump. This position is meant when you are fully relaxed and just want to have some fun. You can wispier in her ears and even have a intimate conversation. Some positions are simply for taking it nice and slow.

  1. The Glowing Juniper

A Perfect position when the relationship has reached higher level of intimacy. The woman simply lies on her back with her legs parted and knees slightly bent. The man positions and sits between her legs with his legs stretched either side of her. He can then lift her hips and easily penetrate her with full eye contact   while she lays back and enjoys. Also taking during sex can make the journey even more pleasurable.

  1. The Triumph Arch

This is perhaps one of the most passionate positions and requires the women to quite flexible because she needs to lay flat on her back with her legs bent underneath her. This position allows the man to slide in between her legs with his legs stretched out. This position also gives perfect access to the man to suck the breast which can multiply the pleasure sensation for both the man and the women.

  1. The Spider

Again sex is not about the man being in control and this position allows the man to sit back and just watch his woman ride him. The man sits with his legs stretched out and leans back on his hands. The woman sits with a leg on each side of him facing the man. She also leans and can bend her back on her hands and can use them to help her rock back and forth. Giving women control is also a very good simulation for them and makes them feel empowered.