5 Amazing Health Benefits Of CBD For Fitness And Bodybuilding

While some health buffs are keeping themselves inspired to exercise day in and day out, the help of protein powders and supplements are also their best aide during their journey. But little do gym-goers know that CBD or any CBD-infused products are also one of the best fitness companions.

 CBD or cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive component in cannabis. It is NOT the cannabinoid that makes you high as that is the effect you get from THC. CBD works indirectly with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system to ensure that everything is regulated and bodily function is in tiptop shape.

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 So if you’re looking into getting more serious in staying active or pumping up for a bodybuilding competition,

Here are seven ways you can start integrating CBD in your fitness routine.

 1. Relieves pain

 A study in the Journal of Experimental Medicine claims that CBD can relieve pain. Chronic pain in adults is inevitable, especially when the muscles are put into pressure. That said, applying any CBD-infused product like oils, creams, or topical can ease pain from lifting or doing strenuous workouts.

 2. Mitigates muscle soreness

 Any health buff knows that muscle soreness is one of the most uncomfortable feelings after a rigorous workout. Muscle soreness is due to inflamed muscles because of too much weight that puts the muscles into shock. And due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, it may help in mitigating muscle soreness after exercises.

 3. Reduces stress

 As mentioned, it’s not easy to stay motivated throughout your fitness journey. Stress is also one factor that can demotivate you from exercising regularly. While others may found inspiration from stress by working out, some struggle to keep their motivation high. Because CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid system and regulates the production of stress hormones called cortisol, CBD can reduce stress levels. Overall, this can be a great way to keep your spirits up and engage in regular exercises.

 4. Helps muscles recover

 Aside from easing the soreness and pain after workouts, CBD may also help in muscle recovery. For one to build muscles, bodybuilders must put almost unbearable weight to put pressure on the muscles. However, when the muscles don’t recover, the efforts in the gym are futile. This is where CBD’s fatty acids such as Omega 6 and Omega 3 come into play. They help let the skeletal health muscle adapt to physical activity and diet.

 5. Stimulates appetite

 In bodybuilding, you need to eat healthier calories in order to build muscles. However, some may avoid eating due to the notion that eating more will make them gain fat. But without proper nutrition, your muscles will not recover and grow. Cannabis has the ability to stimulate appetite to help bodybuilders provide nutrients to the body.