5 Benefits Of Multani Mitti

Our mother and our grandmothers and their ancestors have been using many natural ingredients in various combinations. These are way better than any branded cosmetics products which have several artificial and harmful elements. Natural products give you more natural and lasting beauty. Not only does it add to your looks, but it also adds to your health.

Multani mitti is one such natural ingredient. Its usage has been relatively common amongst various traditions. This article will inform you about five ways the usage of Multani mitti can be beneficial to you. 

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Shrinks your pores 

The property of Multani mitti of absorbing oil and dirt from the skin and also helping to decontaminate it has been in use for many centuries. Its usage also helps in toning of the skin. This helps in reducing the size of the pores of the skin. It extracts the grime and oil on the skin surface, which is in excess. This addition makes the skin smoother. 

Exfoliates the skin 

Multani mitti has properties which help it in exfoliating the skin in a natural process. As per a study which was published in The Open Dermatology Journal, it has been observed that the Multani mitti helps in sloughing away the skin cells which are dead. This adds to the glow of the skin and makes it look more radiant. It has been further observed that this clay made of natural minerals is especially beneficial if your skin is irritation prone. 

Break the dark circles 

Few beauty experts have vouched for this natural mineral’s efficacy in fighting dark circles under the eyes and get rid of them. It has been suggested that a combination of grated potato mixed with the juice of lemons and fresh cream and Multani mitti can be helpful. This has to be mixed into a paste and the paste to be applied to the skin. This paste has to be kept on for 20 minutes. 

Adds shine to the hair 

The Benefits of Multani mitti is not limited just to the skin. It can also be used to give your hair the extra shine and make it extra healthy. The process to use it on the hair is to create a mix of Multani mitti and egg. To this amla juice is added and little beer and lemon juice. Once mixed well, this mixture is applied to the hair and left for around 20 minutes. Then you shampoo. 

Helps in fighting acne 

As Multani mitti has exfoliating qualities, face packs created out of Multani mitti can be very helpful in fighting acne. You can create an effective face pack by mixing powder of orange peel with Multani mitti with rose water.