5 Best Dog Breeds To Get Along With Kids

A good dog would be your child’s best friend. You need to pick a dog breed that is suitable for your child and your lifestyle. If your child is at your home then choosing an older dog would be a good idea. Though, temperaments can vary among different breeds. However, here you are getting some tips that you should look before adopting one. 


Pugs are very adorable just like other dogs. But if you are looking for the best dogs for your child then Pug comes first in this list. Pugs can adopt the human lifestyle very easily. Pugs love to eat and sleep just like us. Also, pugs are suitable for families and kids. Pugs are normally very patient with the kids. Pugs love to play games with the kids as well. The shape of their mouth prevents them from biting that would be good for your family’s safety. This quality makes it more harmless. Rather than that pugs are the most gentle among all the dog breeds.

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If you are looking for a cute, sweet, gentle, dog for your kid then you can adopt Beagle.  According to the research, Beagles are the best breeds for your family because they have a very loving nature. They can easily communicate with other people. The most important part is Beagle loves to stay around people and kids. If you choose beagle for your children then your child will get long term companion. You can easily groom Beagle. Also, Beagles are very fit, so they won’t get too many health complications. These are extra benefits of Beagle. 

Golden Retriever

Another very demanding family dog is Golden Retriever. Golden Retriever has been maintaining the status of family dogs from years. These dogs are quick learners and love to play around children. Also, a golden retriever loves their physical activity. Such as, they are fond of running, swimming, fetching, and some other activities as well. The golden retriever will give you joyful friendship in return. Their silliness melts your heart every time. So, it can be a good choice. 


One of the most important reasons why you should choose a Labrador to give your child is that they are always ready to play. Also, the Labradors are very active so it would be best for your kid. You can adopt a puppy that will grow along with your child. In comparison to other dogs, they are very friendly as well.


Havanese is very good when it comes to companionship. However, the Havanese can be a good friend of your kid. They can give your child a constant and devoted friendship. They are very loyal also. If you and your family are completely ready to take care of a new family member only then choosing a Havanesa would be a good idea. If you are thinking small dogs would be good for your child then do good research, because most of the small dogs have less tolerance power for irritability.


Hence, these five dogs would be the best for your kids.