5 Docuseries One Must Watch Before Lockdown Ends

 There are awesome and insightful documentaries out there that are no less than your favourite thrillers. Some of these give you active access to the  recordings of some fascinating news, interviews with experts and stories of enigmatic human nature, these can give you entertainment and knowledge at the same time. Here are a few docuseries that you may binge during the lockdown.

Ancient Aliens

The truth about alien life is narrated in this amazing documentary that would satisfy your curiosity about aliens. It gives the viewer’s vital information on the possibility of alien life and also interviews scientists who have done extensive research on this subject. The entire program can be viewed online and the documentary can be streamed through the internet if there is no local viewing available. The documentary also features interviews with astronauts and has information on topics such as ancient extraterrestrial life and the type of life that could exist outside of our planet. These topics are important to the public because the fact of the matter is that we know very little about these aliens and the chances of us finding anything that is similar to them is slim, almost next to none. If you have interest in the extra-terrestrial, this is the documentary series for you. You can stream the documentary on Amazon Prime


In case you are interested in the darkness of the sporting world then this documentary is a must watch. Icarus is a documentary on Netflix that was launched in 2017, and has received the Best Documentary Academy Award. It focuses provocatively on the episodes of corruption in athletics, especially at the Olympics in Russia. The film has taken many a dark and thrilling turns to expose the facts and of Russia’s success in Olympics over the years.This documentary will change the way you watch sports.

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Amongst the plethora of content out there on Netflix, Abstract deserves special mention. It is a visually stunning documentary about graphic designers, product designers, cartoonists and various masters of visual art. This documentary takes you on a trip to the creative minds of these genius creators. A thoroughly enjoyable and interesting watch, especially for the lovers of art, Abstract is there on Netflix awaiting to be watched by you.

World War 2 in colour

Would you like to take this time to brush your history up? May be you were not such a big fan of history in school but as an adult you may find history to be more fascinating than it used to be in your textbook? The documentary is a wonderful place to begin (re)discovering your history. The World War 2 in colour is a remarkable repackaging of one of the most important episodes of history.  The documentary provides a thorough overview of what took place during World War II. It's more like a film than a stereotypical documentary because of the way it is narrated keeping you hooked right through. Feel free to watch this coloured retelling of WorldWar2 on Netflix.

Inside Bill’s Brain

Bill Gates brain is perhaps the most talked about thing on the planet. It has triggered more curiosity than black holes and the Bermuda triangle. This documentary takes you to the great brain of Bill Gates, helps you explore the mind and motivation of one of the greatest tech visionaries of all times.

Available on Netflix it’s a must watch for anyone fascinated by the working of a genius’ mind.