5 Most Annoying Things People Do On Facebook

However much we enjoy the post, there can be some posts which can be rather annoying. We’ve all been that long on Facebook and things can get on our nerves. Whether it’s you or me, we want to put the best of our photos out there, for instance, holiday pictures, night out, family pictures etc. 

With this on our mind, let’s take a look into some of the 5 most annoying post people post on Facebook:

1.  Relentless Posting

Some people love to stay on Facebook almost all day and post useless things. They can post up to 10 to 20 times a day or even more, we are talking about status updates, shares etc. It is understandable if it is responses to posts, comments, updates on a family hospital emergency, etc., but to update useless posts can be very annoying. Amusing posts can be accepted as they are entertaining, but applying a filter would be recommended. 

2.  Braggarts

One thing most of us can agree is a dislike for braggarts, whether it’s on social media or just in general. A lot of people smugly let all Facebook friends know how well they are enjoying the spoils of life. Updates on buying a new iPhone, flight details, or post of being in a VIP bar is completely unnecessary. No one cares about anyone’s lifestyle. There are better things people check on Facebook than getting updates on a person’s life. It’s best to lay off this personality.

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3.  Engagement Bait

Many of you are not aware of the term, but you must have come across such posts. Engagement bait is a post whose main purpose is to get engagement by encouraging your friends to share it, like it or even comment on it. For instance, some generic ode to the wonderfulness of a mother that ends: “ If you love your mother, that says, share this or type Yes in the comment etc. 

4. Baby Spam

Pregnancy is a great time and we all respect every woman during such times. It’s exciting to post some interesting pictures of having a new baby, but most people overdo such things and it can be very annoying to see their tummy moving or child hiccups every minute. 

5. Hospital Tagging

With the craze of posting almost every sec of the daily activities in life, people do not spare some personal posts. Some things are supposed to be left alone and remain private in one’s life. But, it seems some things have taken over the privacy of one’s life. There’s a time and place for everything, and tagging themselves at a hospital is not one of those places. 


We hope you enjoyed the post and be aware of what to post on Facebook!