5 Of The Best Movies Released During Lockdown

Here's a list of movies released during the lockdown:

All Day and a Night - This crime-drama stars Oscar-winning movie 'Moonlight' star Ashton Sander, HBO's 'Westworld' star Jeffrey Wright and other brilliant actors. The film tells the story of 3 parts of a troubled boy who grows up in Oakland and, due to unfortunate events, gets lost in the way and ends up in the same jail as his father, whom he doesn't like and dreamt of never becoming anything like him. The various events take the young man on a journey to discover himself and a strange bonding with his father. The movie's excellent writing and direction has made it a brilliant one. Available on Netflix.

Extraction - Action-packed Movie Extraction stars our own Norse God, yes, you guessed it right, Thor actor Chris Hemsworth. Though in this one he doesn't dawn upon hiss cape and calls for his hammer, he does show us incredible scenes of action and makes everyone go - wow - over each frame. Getting back with his Avengers: Endgame director brothers Joe and Anthony Russo in Extraction Chris Hemsworth is a gun helming commando who is given a mission to extract a child from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Also starring various Bollywood stars such as Randeep Hooda and Pankaj Tripathi. Available on Netflix.

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Uncorked - Both a drama and a comedy, uncorked shows a beautiful tale of following your dreams, and the movie consists of incredibly funny banter, which makes you love it even more. The film revolves around the life of Elijah, played by Mamoudou Athie, who has to work in his father's restaurant but dreams of becoming a master sommelier and upsets his father. The film shows the bond between a father and a son and also the relationship between a whole family. Catch it also on Netflix.

Never Rarely Sometimes Always - Eliza Hittman, known for her influential entertainment films, in this one, a teenager seeks an abortion after an unintended pregnancy occurs in her life and faces a lack of social support. The movie revolves around Autumn and her cousin Skylar who travel across two state lines on a brave journey to New York City to find a solution to their teenage problem. Portrayed by Sidney Flanigan and Talia Ryder, the film is available for video on demand.

The Half of It - The movie starts with the line "this is not a love story" from the protagonist of the film, which makes it a little hard to believe since this is available on Netflix, known for its extensive stock of rom-com. But contrary to this, Alice Wu's film The Half of It truly is not a love story. A different type of triangle ends on a very satisfying note and not like every average teenage high school rom-com. This is truly a must-watch. Catch it on Netflix.