5 Overused Phrases People Say

If you pay attention you can see how many times a day people use these phrases. If you are in search of the overused phrases that people rave all the time you are exactly in the place you need to be. You will get to know 5 overused phrases and what you can say but those to appear different from others.

At the end of the day

You might have heard people use this phrase in their daily conversation. What it means is to indicate something after everything is taken into consideration. Isn't it boring to constantly hear people say the same old boring phrases over and over again? Whereas, you can't change people what you can do is to adopt some alternative phrases to say to avoid the common ones. You can use phrases like 'when everything is said and done' and 'lastly' to replace 'At the end of the day'.

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Think out of the box

Another clingy phrase you must be bored of constant hearing. 'Think out of the box' means thinking something original, creative, or unique. Using the same word or phrase again and again in your speech or writing is not at all attractive. It sounds cliché and boring. You should always be aware of some alternative words or phrases that mean the same. In this case, you can say 'think differently', 'think of something else', and phrases like these despite 'Think out of the box'.

Get the ball rolling

Want to learn new phrases and words? Well, 'get the ball rolling'. As you can see in this example this phrase means to start some action, keep doing something. There are a lot of other things that you can say and use in your writing over this rather crusty phrase. If you are a public speaker or writer you should know how to use different phrases which means the same. It will significantly set a better image of yourself in the eyes of others.


This used to be a fancy phrase to use in your speech or writings, but now it has become probably the most commonly used phrase. As you already know this phrase means something that requires very little or no mental effort to understand something. Several other words and phrases are out there you can use to replace this phrase with. Some would be 'certainly', 'simply' etc.

Give 100%

This is surely the oldest and most boring phrase people keep using even now. This phrase means to do your best or to give all you have in exchange for something. Not only this phrase is boring but it is clingy and cliché as well. Rather than repeating this stone age phrase, you can use phrases like 'give your heart and soul', 'give your best', 'give everything you have' and phrases like these.

If you find these helpful and innovative don't forget to implement them in your conversation/speech or writings which improve the lifestyle standard. Because it's worth trying something new than sticking to the old overused phrases.