5 Small Things People Use To Judge Your Personality

These can be very small things like - 


Okay, before you start getting judge-y, we are not talking about the colour of your skin, but the colour of clothes that you choose to dawn upon. The colour of clothes you usually choose to wear, says a lot about you and makes an impression on someone who understands and gets the meaning of it. Colours talk for themselves and they give out an aura of who you are and how you like to show it. For example, people who wear red are very lively people, they know how to enjoy themselves and make fun of their endeavours. Similarly, people who like to black are very artistic and they like to pay attention to details. Colours talk for you.

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Your shoes

According to research and also a popular belief, you can tell most about a person by just looking at and assessing their shoes. A lead researcher named OmriGillath who is from the University of Kansas, by just assessing things such as the cost and style, colour and the condition of the shoe a person is wearing, you will be able to estimate about 90% characteristics about the persons whose wearing them. You could figure out things like their income, their age and gender, and even their political affiliation.


The eyes chico, they never lie. A famous line which couldn't be more true. Your eyes tell everything about you than anything else. It is said that our eyes are a mirror into our soul. They can give away what you might be thinking, what you might be feeling, what you might want to say but you can't, and even when you are being deceitful to someone, you eyes give you away. Well, we already knew these things thanks to Bollywood and Hollywood movies. According to research, it is stated that people who have blue eyes are very likely to be an alcoholic compared to ones with darker eyes. Your unsteady eye contact also says a lot.


Time has value in so many ways possible. Your punctuality also says a lot about who you are as a person. Depending on how much before or after time you arrive somewhere can either make a very good or a very bad impression about you and your personality. If you are late for a valuable meeting or date, it shows that you are not serious about that and gives a negative vibe about you. Whilst if you reach early for the same, it shows that you are considerate of everyone's time and that you like to be organized and punctual.


A handshake says a lot of what you are as a person and tells a very significant thing about your personality. According to various studies, people who have very strong and steady handshake gives off a very confident vibe and shows that you are an outgoing person who is confident about themselves. On the other "hand" (pun intended), people who seem to have a weak and a little too firm handshake seem like people who are under confident and are always looking for a way out of everything, people who are introverts and not very outgoing. The next time you offer a handshake, remember how you want to come off in front of the other person.