5 Stand-Up Shows By Indian Comedians

Homework outs, cooking your favourite dishes, binging on Netflix, trying out a hobby, catching on sleep have proven to be quite useful during troubled times. However, nothing can be better than a healthy dose of laughter to take your mind off your problems and at the same time, make you feel energized.

When we talk of a healthy dose of laughter, the best way to achieve that is by watching stand up shows of Indian comedians. Streaming sites like Amazon Prime has proved to be the digital home for stand-up comedians with round about 40 comedies special airing compared to a mere five running on Netflix, out of which three are by the same comic Vir Das. It will make your jaws and gut ache with equal intensity. Here are five stand-up shows by Indian comedians that will leave you in splits. 

 Problems by AzeemBanatwala

 AzeemBanatwala is one of the most excellent comics that we have with us. His sets are not just funny; they are often sharp and witty and gritty and dark. In his show Problems, he cracks up a few terrific ones by saying that Eminem got famous by making people memorize his life problems and one about Salman Khan that you never saw coming. Problems will be quite a laugh riot and also food for your cerebral pleasures.

 You will get to see the show on Amazon Prime.

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Kaafi Family by Angad Singh Ranyal

Angad Singh Ranyal is a voice in present-day Indian comedy space that stands out both in terms of content and presentation. Kaafi Family is an excellent testimonial to his finesse as a comedian. From Uber rides to MBAs, his material is primarily the regular struggles of life, and the way he lends a unique tone and texture to these deserves special mention. Kaafi Family bears Ranyal’s signature charm and wit throughout. You can stream this show on Amazon Prime.

Keep It Real by Kanan Gill

Kanan Gill has proven his class over the years in the comedy space. His sets are terrific, and his writing is on par with any international comedy show. Keep It Real is another hallmark of Kanan’s incredible talent and his ability to produce a remarkably profound piece of writing and access various shades of absurdity. 

 Keep It Real is present on Amazon Prime to make your gut ache from all that laughing.

Biswa Mast AdmiHain by BiswaKalyanRath

This list would be incomplete without mentioning Biswa Mast AdmiHain by BiswaKalyanRath. It is one of the most beautiful shows by any Indian stand-up comic. From immaculate timing to exceptionally well-written jokes, this show elevates the standards of Indian stand up by notches, delivering a very well-deserved laughing riot.