5 Step Guide On How To Behave At Company Dinners

A man who follows adequate dinner etiquettes can charm his way to all he wants during a company dinner. How you behave tells people a great deal about yourself and with few tips, you will be able to impress everybody you meet. This article will inform you about how you should conduct yourself at a company dinner in order to create a great impression and succeed.

1. Think about what you will be wearing 

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as you think. When deciding on what to wear, think about the event. The culture followed by the company is also an important clue and can help you in the decision making process. If the industry you are in is related to finance, it would be a smart idea to be wearing formals. In case the company is related to the tech industry, you can try the business casual look. The venue of the event is also a very important indicator of what you should decide to wear. Along with the venue, you should also consider the cause or the context the event is for.

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2. Upon arrival 

When you arrive, you should greet everyone and shake their hands firmly. A firm handshake creates a good impression. This should be complemented by eye contact. If you happen to meet people you do not know, then introduce yourself. Try to remember the names, especially of the host. It is always a good idea to switch your cellphone to the silent mode.

3. Cut the food a piece at a time 

We often cut the food into multiple pieces when it arrives. However, at company dinners it is best to avoid that practice. You should cut the food into one piece at a time when you are eating. The pieces you should cut into bite-size so that you do not end up overstuffing your mouth.

4. The pace at which you should eat should be medium 

Follow how the others are eating and the pace they are doing so. Keep a balance between talking and eating the food. You don't want to eat too slow or eat too fast. Eating too fast comes across as being greedy and people do not form a good opinion about that. Eating too slow means you do not like the food.

5. Always thank and compliment your host 

Once your meal is over, make sure to always thank your host. You should shake their hands and maintain eye contact when you do so. Later, it is always a good idea to thank them again. You can do so via email or a phone call, or you can send over some flowers and a handwritten note.