5 Stretching Exercises That Promise Flexibility

So here's a list of 5 stretching workouts that will help you achieve health and flexibility -

Palm squeeze - One of the best workouts to help your hands and fingers in stretching and creating more flexibility in your hands is doing palm squeezes. Start by either sitting or standing and holding two softballs and then put your elbows beside your waist and lower arms stretched in front and have your arms and your wrist very still without any movement. Hold the balls in your palms and squeeze gently and tightly. Do these ten times.

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Side reaching and stretching - This helps in improving mobility in the shoulder. Start by your feet at shoulder apart. Put your right hand up above your head and stretch it as if trying to climb a rope and hold it for a few seconds. Then bring the arm down and now put your left arm above your head and stretch it in the same way. Hold it in the same position for a few seconds and slowly bring it down. This will help in stretching your sides and improving flexibility. Repeat it five times on each side.

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Cat-cow stretch - One of the most helpful and effective stretching for back and various other parts. Start by getting your palms on the ground as well as your knees as if you are a chair. Remember to use a mat or blanket to cushion your knee caps. Position your wrist right below your shoulder and your knees below your hips. Inhale and slowly bring your chest a little forward and up which will allow your spine to go down and leave you in a cat's position. Now exhale slowly and bring your spine up and arch it and bring it upwards and leaving you in a cow position. Repeat ten times.

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Back-chest mobilizer - Your back or your chest might be feeling a bit stiff due to extra work and you can do this stretch to create flexibility in them. Start by standing up straight and opening your arms wide open (not like Shahrukh Khan though) and then tilt your head backward and push your chest outward whilst taking a deep breath. Now breathe out and bring your head in front to your chest and then cross your arms to hug yourself and hunch your back.

Shoulder rolls - At various occasions, your shoulder might feel a bit stiff and in need of a little flexibility and mobility. For this, start with your feet at hip-width apart and your arms by your side, very relaxed. Now start by rolling your shoulders up and then back and lastly down. Your palm should be pointing forward and by the end elbow will be slightly bent when you finish each roll. After doing this a few times, repeat this in reverse with shoulder movements being Up then forward then down and then back. This will relax your shoulders and give you flexibility.