5 Things Making You Happy During The Lockdown

We all are kind of stuck in this situation where the least we can do for the world is to be in-home and stop the deadly virus from spreading, here are some things that we can do while being at home that will keep us happy and healthy during this lockdown. So other than doing your work if you have some free time to spare you can give these things a go.

Spend time with your loved ones

Use this period to spend quality time with your parents and be closer to each other, after all, family above all. Help your mom with cooking, cleaning, or doing some household works. Spend time with your dad to talk about the world, news, sports, and anything you want to. Do all the things you used to do as kids with your siblings because it is important to be happy in these difficult times, and nothing can be better than spending time with your family.

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Pursue your Hobbies

It is the perfect time for you to do them all paint again, practice singing, study all the books that you thought you would read last year but couldn't do it, learn the guitar, dance the day off, start cooking again bake your favourite cake that you recently saw on YouTube do whatever you want to do as you have a lot of time and no deadline. Doing things you love will give you immense pleasure and keep you happy.

Binge-watch Netflix

All the shows and movies that you have kept in your wish list for a long time but never got free time to watch them. Well now is the time, grab a box of popcorn or coke then Netflix and chill. Watch all the hyped shows that the internet is raving about after all you got to make the most out of your subscription.


This is the high time for you to indulge in your health care. we all have the desire for a certain body type we have always longed for a perfect figure well now that you have plenty of time you can give workout, yoga, or meditation a go. Do whichever one you like. Even one hour of these can help you achieve your desire body or mental peace.

Play with your pets/take care of your plants

The unconditional love you get from your pet in exchange for a little love and care is all you need to be happy, you can also spend time taking care of your plants. And if you do not have any it's the best time you start planting as it is good for both our environment and health.

Hoping these things will keep you occupied in this time of hardships and also keep you happy and motivated so that you can start fresh after the lockdown gets withdrawn.