5 Tips To Prevent Morning Sickness

Many doctors opine that morning sickness is the indication that the placenta is undergoing sound development. It is also believed that it is a response to the increasing levels of hormones. 


Luckily, this sensation can be prevented with some helpful remedies for your morning sickness:


1.    Eat less, but frequent meals

 Eating does not cause your nausea, not eating makes it worse. Therefore, try to avoid an empty stomach and try eating smaller and frequent meals instead of big meals. To take the edge off it, try placing dry bread or plain crackers next to your bed so that you can chew on it as soon as you wake up.

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2.  Try Ginger 

 Researchers suggest that ginger may soothe your stomach. You can try chewing ginger, ginger ale, ginger tea, and any drinks or food with ginger in it. Even taking capsules of 250 mg of ginger can also help relieve the morning sickness. 

3.    Avoid certain food

 Try to stay clear of sweet, greasy, fatty, spicy, and gas-producing foods. According to many women, they are comfortable with carbohydrate-heavy, high protein, low-fat, salty, or dry food as they are less likely to cause nausea. Also, it’s advisable not to mix food and beverage at the same time, so avoid drinking and eating at the same time.  

4.   Steer clear of the strong smell

 One of the best ways to prevent morning sickness is to avoid environmental triggers such as strong smells. Keep yourself away from perfumes, smoke, or anything that seems to trigger your sickness. If you can avoid cooking, that’s also a preventive way for your morning sickness. However, if you do the cooking, make sure to open the windows to let out the cooking odors.  

5.    Get on your feet

 Exercise is always the best preventive measure for wellbeing, and it’s no different from morning sickness. And, many women have found exercising to be quite a solution. You don’t need to try heavy exercise to strain your body, you can just take an extra walk, swim, or join a parental yoga class. Exercise is strongly encouraged during pregnancy as it increases your fitness level. 

 This is a difficult time for you, but all your efforts will be rewarded if you follow these easy tips. Until then, keep a check on the irritants and possible triggers to treat your morning sickness. 

 In addition to all the tips above, take proper rest, take vitamins, eat health, and exercise. 

 Above are only tips laid out to help you ease the pain, however, if it persists, always seek medical help to ensure the safety of your health and your baby.