5 Ways To Date Safely During COVID-19 Pandemic

The world of dating, too, has been or will be profoundly affected as the virus required everyone to stay at a minimum of six feet difference. Here is a list of few safety measures that you can adopt in the current world scenario -

Digital dates 

Since most of the world is currently under a massive lockdown; everything is becoming digital. Most office going people are doing video call meetings, school-going children have to study through online classes and whatnot. So why not make dating digital too? You can arrange a time when both of you will be available and then exactly chat over a video call as you would on a regular date, other than the coffee you have to prepare by yourself. This can turn out to be a great experience, something that your grandkids would love to hear.

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Maintain distance 

While all of the worlds are walking on eggshells, we don't suggest taking any risks. Even when you are out for a date, always remember to maintain a safe distance from everyone, and that also includes your date. No hugs, hand-holding, or handshakes of any sort are to be entertained, and you should ask the other person to do the same. Under these circumstances, 'getting lucky' means you are safe and sound with no signs of any virus-related distress.

Face masks 

As much as everyone recommends it and as much as it is quite necessary to take all safety precautions, a mask has no qualities if you are not the infected one, in which wearing a mask is pointless. But if you do have any doubts about your health, the first thing you should do is not step out of the house, and if you do plan to go out on a date, wearing a mask such as the N95, and gloves are a big suggestion. By wearing the mask, it will help you prevent from spreading the virus onto anyone else.


Intimacy can be of various kinds, but engaging in physical intimacy in times of coronavirus pandemic is a big no. As said earlier, one of the primary features of this virus is that it spreads from any physical contact, and by engaging yourself in sexual activities during this, you would only be increasing the risk for yourself and your close ones. The only person you should be right now with is yourself.


As going out for dates is a no-zone for most of us, we are spending our time over at the dating apps. While on dates, it is easy to pick topics for conversations as there are lots of things around you like the ambience or the food, or even the people around. But when you have just a chat box to move around, this can be an excellent opportunity for you to become better at conversations and how to take them from point A to point B. Remember to play your cards wisely and safely because your charm can only be as helpful as your words are.