5 Ways To Save Your Hair From Frizz and Damage When You Sleep

Here's a list of 5 ways to save your hair from frizz –

Remember to wash and dry your hair before going to bed so as to avoid the heat styling. Getting a shower in the night will help you save time, as well as help you to prevent the damages that are caused due to blow-drying or heat styling it. You can use a frizz prevention shampoo and also a smoothening conditioner, then rinse your hair with tepid water or lukewarm water so that you can help in sealing the cuticles in your hair. Then use a towel to parch your hair, then leave it to air dry.

To avoid the excessive friction in your hair, if you use a cotton towel swap it with a microfiber towel. Cotton can create complications in your hair strands and also can roughen the cuticles but microfiber is a lot kinder in case of your hair as it absorbs a lot more water beside the usual cotton towel. So it turns to be a win-win situation for you after a shower doesn't vigorously stroke your mane but instead uses the microfiber towel to gently squeeze the extra moisture out.

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Use hydrating products to nourish your hair even when you are asleep. Use a hair serum or you can also use hair oil which moisturizing qualities on your dry hair so as to hydrate them which in turn will smooth the hair strands and give your hair a somewhat extra dose of power to fight the frizz whilst you are dozed off to your dreams. The hair serum will help in the prevention of humidity and it will protect every single strand and the hair oil will help in nourishment of your hair and leave it to be soft and smooth as well as shiny.

Always remember, before you go in to shower, give a little brushing to your hair which will detangle it and smoothen it. You can also brush it before going to bed and using a natural hog bristle brush which will help in detangling and smoothening of your mane. Using a bristle brush always helps in the distribution of the natural oils present on your scalp which in turn leads to a silky and moisturized. Also, a side note, it also promotes the health of hair growth.

If you have the problem of extra humidity, you can take the help of a dehumidifier. With extra humidity, your hair can end up being poof up rather than stick straight. So we suggest purchasing a dehumidifier to keep the humidity in your room at low which will control extra moisture and you will wake up with smooth, moisturized hair every day.