5 Ways To Stop Bad Breath

Bad breath is a chronic problem suffered by roughly 80 million people around the world. Here are some ways you can use to get rid of it - 

Brushing Twice

Start brushing your teeth twice every day, for at least 2 minutes, so as to get rid of the collected plaque or even the food debris inside your mouth. One of the most healthy things for your mouth and teeth you can do is to brush right before you go to bed. Another helpful tip we can provide you is to use baking sound in one of your rounds in brushing, this will lessen the acidity present in your mouth and make it quite impossible for the various bacteria in your mouth that have been causing the bad breath.

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Scalping your tongue 

An effective way to get rid of the residue that could be making a home between the folds in your tongue or the taste buds is to buy a tool known as the tongue scraper which is easily available in almost all the medicine shops. Remember to slowly scrape your tongue so that you don't cut your tongue by mistake. If a tongue scraper is not available, you can also use a toothbrush in place of it and brush your tongue with it.

Mouth rinse 

Before getting into it, we would like to inform you a few things. Firstly, in some cases using a mouth rinse for removal of bad breath can actually lead to worsen it and not treat it. And if the bad breath is being caused due to a dental problem, the most the mouth rinse will do is cover up and not help remove it. You can use a mouth rinse for a quick freshening up by mixing in a few drops of water, and even a little peppermint oil if available could be a good addition. 

Keep it wet 

Everybody knows how having a hydrated body is very helpful in lots of ways but drinking a sufficient quantity of water (three to four litres) on a daily basis can even help you to keep your mouth odour from being smelly by always keeping your mouth wet. It helps in getting rid of the odor by washing away the food particles as well as bacteria, which are among the first things that cause bad breath. If you suffer from a regular dry mouth, we suggest consulting a dentist about it and requesting for a saliva substitute.

Pay a visit to your dentist 

There is no better way to permanently remove bad breath other than paying a regular visit to the dentist. If you find yourself going through a bad breath on a regular basis, the first thing you should do is visit a dentist and make sure that there are no dental problems that are causing it. There is also a possibility that it may be caused by some internal issues for which a dentist might suggest visiting a physician or some other specialist.