5 Ways You Appear Unattractive (Without Even Realizing It)

There are lots of small yet meaningful things that can prompt your desirability to take an unmanageable plunge.

Here are 5 ways that play a part in making you appear “unattractive” without even your cognizance.

1.    You’re wrapped up in yourself all the time

A lot of people habituate themselves to this behavior without being even conscious about it. You lay a disproportionate amount of emphasis on yourself and blow your own trumpets more than anything else. More often than not what others think of you makes no difference. If this is what precisely you’re all about, avoid falling into this “I, me, and myself” trap. Very few want to hook up with someone who’s immensely self-absorbed.

Nonetheless, it’s great to share your amazing experiences with the world around you. But, at the same time, give others the elbowroom they need to fly their own kites as well.  Apportioning someone the spotlight they deserve is imperative in building and sustaining relationships across the board.

2.    Pure, unsullied rudeness is what defines you

Being harsh and discourteous to others has never been considered a well-liked approach when you need to act in response. If time and again you happen to be impolite and offensive or causing massive embarrassment to your friends, then it’s time for you to throw in the towel. You make yourself out to be one people don’t want to hang around with. As a matter of fact, it will push them back from your direction.

Modern, frenetic life is already burdened with negative weight, and adding rudeness to the load isn’t just badly timed but causes more pain as well. There are instants when disagreements do happen and there are civil ways to respond to such situations. Instead of creating a scene make an effort to put across your point with decency and humbleness.

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3.    You look down upon your friends as enemies

Usually, when you disregard your friends as enemies, the behavior doesn’t conclude in something positive and substantial. Rather than unifying as a supportive group, you start treating your friends in exactly an opposite fashion thereby causing tension and conflict in the motley crowd. You turn your back on and leave them betrayed.  

Over time you become unattractive as you begin picking up fights with your friends instead of banding together and being truly caring and responsible towards them. While pursuing an active social life you need to have the urge to significantly benefit from your friend circle. If you start casting aspersions on people who care about you, you’re actually not allowing your intentions to be reassessed as a person.

4.    You make a killing with only your external beauty

Although, it may sound surprising to many, genuine, copybook beauty originates from inside your body, heart, and soul. You can be the most beautiful or handsome person to have ever existed on earth, but if your lifestyle, personality and attitude don’t complement your outer garb then they're no great shakes. Every now and then we come across the prettiest people committing the ugliest of things.

Here, the bottom-line is your physical appearance is wide of the mark. However, people with unappealing conduct think the exterior façade is the be-all and end-all. If you lose focus on improving the inner kernel of your allure the adverse effect it produces will come to your notice and knock you down. Look at yourself in the mirror and get the drift of your deep-seated self.

5.    You exhibit overly competitive behavior

Do you see yourself as a person who always feels being second to none? If that’s the case you’re no less unattractive. It’s okay at times to unveil your competitive spirits. But, at the same time, you should able to recognize the moment to exactly switch them off. Such cynical thoughts usually get in the game while you’re dealing with friends.

On the contrary, you should be sympathetic and reassuring to foster relationships. You may congratulate a friend for conquering fears and achieving significant feats. Keep in mind to also let them wallow in their moments of glory. Besides, remember when you compete “a good loser is more agreeable than a bad winner”.