Frustrated from the unbearable heat of Delhi? Here are 7 nearby “chilling out” places surrounding Delhi that can offer you the perfect getaway from this intolerable weather and Delhi’s prolong heavy traffic roads and crowdedness.

With an alluring scenic beauty to the much needed ‘air-freshness’ ,all of these hill stations are located within a radius of 400kms and thus they could be your next weekend destinations.


Morni is a small village located at a distance of 260 kms from Delhi (In Panchkula district of Haryana). With a land full of greenery and astonishing beauty of nature one can just forget the worries of world and enjoy the treat of a marvelous scenic beauty of the hills. Blessed with breezing air in the lapse of the Mother Nature, Morni hills shall provide you the perfect escape from the Delhi’s stress. Some of the good sightseeing options are the two lakes that are present amidst the spurs of the hills, namely Tikkar taal and Bada tikkar (and Chota tikkar as well) which are also considered sacred by the local inhabitants. Apart from trekking, one can also choose to go for other activities like rock-climbing, Low ropes, commando nets, Burma Bridge, boating, canoeing, kayaking, sailing and rappelling. As an add on to the fun package, the area also has a well-constructed, thrilling adventure park to give you one of best joys of the mad rides. A weekend escape or even a family picnic spot, Morni gives it all.

  • LANSDOWNE (260.5 kms)


Lansdowne, one of the quietest and “unspoiled” hills station located in Pauri Garhwal district in Uttrakhand, could be the perfect destination to be cut off from the crowd and recline with peace. It is one of the cleanest hill stations as it lies in the well-off cantonment areas of Garhwal Rifles. With beautiful architecture and marvelous creativity, the buildings provide a spectacular insight into the times of British colonization. Salubrious weather and the mesmerizing view can be the perfect compliments for meditative rejuvenation. Apart from which is the infamous man-made artificial lake, Bhulla Lake, or locally named as Bhulla Tal is one of the most maintained lakes in the area and a major tourist attracter. Adventure activities like trekking, bird watching and boating can be a good source of entertainment as well.

Looking for a tranquil atmosphere? Then Lansdowne is a must visit!

  • NAHAN (262 kms)


Nahan, a hill town is the headquarters of ancient Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh, is a rich –in forests and snow capped mountains surrounding it. The picturesque hill station shall leave you spell bounded with its breathtaking view and culturally rich diversity in fauna. Being a historic town in the princely city of Sirmaur the land is marked with architectural establishments and a great agricultural base. It’s in the ‘must travel’ list for those interested in trekking. Apart from which, there are several tourist spots to give you pleasurable experience like Villa Round, Renuka Lake, Mall Road, Hospital Round, Kaisthan Temple, Jagannath Temple, Shudh Dhar Shiv Mandir, Shiwalik Fossil Park, Trilokpur Temple and Dhaula Kuan. Even a walk around the city will give you astonishing sights of its well maintained cleanliness.

Looking for the richness of both, greenery and culture? This is your ‘nearby’ dreamland.

  • NAUKUCHIATAL (313 kms)


No, it’s not the name of a town located down in the south, but a small lake village in Nainital to give you a place to rejuvenate in an enchanting valley. Naukuchital, literally meaning a nine-corned lake holds a mystic quality on the basis of some local myths and stories is a tourist attracting magnet. According to one of the beliefs, it is said that, if one takes a glimpse of all nine corners at once with foots on earth, one shall disappear in clouds to attain nirvana ( paradise, most appropriately). This implies that it is impossible to look at all nine corners of the lake at once with your foot on the ground. Apart from such mysterious elements, the village holds a heart-stopping beauty of flora and fauna to overwhelm you with a heavenly feeling. Placid beauty and a climate perfect to give you relaxation; Naukuchital’s beauty can be defined in a poet’s thoughts, a traveler’s odyssey and an avid dwellers peace of mind.

Next time if you think of visiting Nainital, do remember this place.

  • KANATAL ( 300 kms)


An amicable town near Mussoorie, Kanatal serves to be mainly a weekend getaway for the locals as well as those looking for a quite place undisturbed by the infestation of tourists unlike the popular hill station, Mussoorie. This town is located in a very scenic setting surrounding by mountains and rivers and creating an artistry beauty. Most of the times, the town is left untouched by the excessive tourist stepping and man-made ruckus, which adds to the ‘quietness’ of the town.  You can also take a walk through the town and discover apple orchards, pine forests, tiny temples and the friendly locals.   One can have a visit to the Kodia Jungle, which is a dense forest area located at a distance of around one kilometer away from Kanatal and spot a few wild animals by taking a ride through the jungle in a jeep, along with a rejuvenating bath at many natural springs which are quite prevalent in the region. Also, Tehri Dam is one of the ‘must see’ of this place. You can visit this place any time due to the neutrality in the climatic conditions which is pleasant and salubrious. 

  • MUKTESHWAR (340 kms)


Mukteshwar, a pleasing town located in the Nainital district of Uttrakhand state got its name from a 350 year old temple named Mukteshwar Dham whose residing deity is Lord Shiva. As it sits high on the Kumaon Hills, the town treats you with a 180 degree astonishing views of the imposing Himalayan range. Legends say, Lord Shiva stepped at this place and eradicated Asur or a demon’s negativity and further granted him with Mukti or salvation. Earlier being untouched by the tourists, the town now witnesses a growing construction of hotels to render the services to the rising tourist population. It is said that the greenery here makes you fall in love with the nature completely, even claiming that one of the famous hunters, Jim Corbett (yes, the national park is named after him) came to shoot a tiger but fell in love with the town’s natural bounteousness. . One side offering the views of religious abode like Nanda Devi, Nanda Koti, Nandaghutni, Trishul and Panchachuli and the other capturing the views of a splendid valley covered with lush green forests is actually a feast to the eyes. Then what’s the wait? Come here and fall in love with the magnificence of nature’s beauty.

  • CHAIL (400 kms)


The former summer capital of Patiala, Chail is a beautiful hill station residing in the Shivalik range of Himachal Pradesh. Despite of panoramic views and resplendent aspect of the nature, Chail has a deep history in connection of its marvelous infrastructures present in the place. Be it Chail Palace, Chail Cricket ground and Chail Military School, they are all symbols of Chail’s connection with the erstwhile royal house of Patiala. Along with Kufri and Shimla, Chail are collectively called as the “Golden Triangle of Himachal Pradesh”. What adds to the perfection of this place is less number of tourist visitors, although the hill station is surrounded by two popular hill stations of north India. Thus, one can spend quality time with the gratuity of nature and its lively heritage of wild flora and fauna. Chail’s wildlife sanctuary attracts a large number of nature lovers and wildlife photographers. Easily spottable animals like Himalayan black deer; common langur, sambar, goral, wild boar etc await your presence to have a look at their grace and the vast green fields. It is an ideal place for the trekkers as lots of trekking trails lead from Chail to Shimla, Choor Peak, Kali Temple and other places. Angling another popular activity is undertaken in Giri River, which is few kilometers away from Chail. It is also a popular pilgrimage, as many tourists and locals visit KALI KA TIBBA, which is a famous Shrine in Chail, every year. One of the best times to visit this hill station is June itself. So hurry! And pack your bags for a getaway this weekend!

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