Being Patient Is Not Boring, It Is A Virtue

There is a perennial rat race and there is hustle-bustle, there are so many tasks and there are a number of important and not-so-important tasks in our to-do lists keep growing and well if you try to focus on them, we will only get tired and extremely anxious. At a time, when minimum human contact has become a norm, maintaining sanity should always be a priority.

“It has become even more evident these days, when I look around me -people who are impatient, they tend to suffer mood swings and then these things extrapolate into messy situations. However, they are also arrogant and hence, do not change and keep believing that they have to have it right now. It does not matter to them whether or not it is important,” a friend, who has been doing a lot of research on psychology, said.

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Why is patience important?

“Look as it is, we are in the midst of a fast-moving world and as such, people tend to believe that if you are patient, you are just waiting for things to happen as opposed to going all out and achieving it. This is wrong at so many levels. Earlier, people were a lot more relaxed, now they believe that any solution is just a telephone call away. But we have to understand that earlier, even for a simple message to go through, there were letters, or standing at a phone booth waiting for their turn to come. Now, there is the Internet and here lies the biggest challenge – being patient does not mean being slow, it means waiting for the right time and waiting for the right way to progress. This is a virtue which has stood the test of time and it remains the biggest virtue,” she goes on to add.

This trait will come to the fore in this festive season. It starts with Navratri where people fast and this is where they have to abstain from what appeals to them the most – they have to combat the cravings and understand the importance of staying put keeping in mind the larger goal.

“Lord Buddha had advised his son Rahul to develop patience by transforming his mind and segregating it into five elements which makes this entire world. There will be a lot of sanity in the way we approach things – a patient mind remains balanced while facing pleasant and unpleasant things,” she said.