Since time whenever mankind has made any invention or discovery, we have used the new acquired knowledge to hurt others or hurt ourselves. The human impulse to act stupidly centuries after centuries continues even till date. It seems mankind does not have the sense to learn from past mistakes. Now this article is about the sensitive photos stolen from mobile devices of Hollywood actors, supermodels and reality stars.

But before we dive into this whole issue of privacy violation, let us try to see some of the mistakes we have made as humans. They say technology has made our lives more comfortable but it is the same technology which we have used to hurt others. Man invented airplane and we used it to drop bombs and have sex in toilets. One has to wonder who the first couple was to have sex in an airplane because there has to be some record of who was the first pilot to drop a bomb and somewhere. We have developed an uncanny ability to use invention to cause pain. Facebook and twitter is used to bully people and sometimes people upload photos of their former partners as “Revenge Porn.”

The examples are many where humans have acted foolishly to hurt someone or themselves with technology. Prometheus gave mankind fire i.e. knowledge and we have used it against each other ever since. What is the need for someone to take nude pictures of themselves using a cell phone camera which can easily be hacked and then cry about it? Why people lose all senses while taking “A Selfie” in the nude and how dumb one can be to post it online accidently or have no clue their email account could be hacked easily?

The people who have been affected by this hacking are actor Jennifer Lawrence, sports illustrated swim suit model Kate Upton and singer Celina Gomez and many more. It is being said that the iCloud accounts containing the photos of personal nature of several other celebrities could still come out in the open. Have they not learned from the News of the World scandal where phones and computers of several victims of crime and celebrities were hacked? Do these people who claim that their right to privacy have been violated have no idea that once any photos are uploaded into the World Wide Web, even sometimes when you delete it, it stays there till Armageddon.

Never mind there have been several sex tape leaked to public which have been seen by many and even after court orders instructing the removal of these videos from online, any person with average search skills could still view them and these images were taken from mobile phones.Is the hacking and posting of nude photos online a clear violation of someone’s privacy? Yes, and is it wrong to take pictures of you with your boyfriend or husband in the sanctity of one’s home? No, but if it is meant for private viewing, simply either remove the memory chip or just down load it into your hard drive which should not be connected to the internet. Otherwise the chances of hacking increase tenfold.

Now this hacking issue has taken a whole new turn with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in full swing to capture the individual responsible for leaking all these photos. May God help the idiot who uploaded the photos online!