Debunking 5 Common Myths About Depression

A large amount of people facing depression doesn't even know what they are feeling known as depression. And the other half of people who identified that they have depression don't seek medical help because of the taboos and stigmas regarding it. But depression is just like any other physical illness and you should always seek medical help if you face depression at any point in your life. So today you will get to see 5 common myths about depression and things you can do to fight it.

Being depressed is not equal to being sad

Sadness is the primary symptom of depression but both are not the same. People often mistake depression with sadness but both are the opposite sides of a pole. Depression is a clinical mental disease that needs medical help to get cured whereas sadness is just a human emotion like love, anger, and goes away gradually. Depression is when someone feels sad all the time, everything even the smallest of daily activities irritates them. They either sleep more or not at all. If you or anyone you know is showing these signs convince them to start medical treatment ASAP.

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It's all in your head

Another stigma about depression is that people believe that all this is in people's heads. No one chose to be sad or depressed right? If you had control over it then it wouldn't have been this big of a problem all over the world. No one likes to be sad, being happy is everyone's primary goal. But you can't help depression. What you can do is to consult it with a professional and take steps to cure it. Depression is not inheritable, just because someone in your family has depression doesn't mean you will also have it. Traumatic life events sometimes cause depression as well.

Depression doesn't vanish gradually

Unlike sadness, depression doesn't vanish by itself. Keeping it yourself hoping that it would go away gradually is the biggest mistake. Often people think that people suffering from depression are either mad or weak. But both are wrong. Being depressed isn't the same as being crazy or mad. And it takes a lot of guts to speak up about your depression. Having depression is normal and can get cured with little care and treatment.

Antidepressants are not the only way to treat depression

Severe depression patients sometimes need antidepressants to calm their minds down but it's not the case always. Talking therapies and counselling sessions are important ones. Where they talk to you like a friend treats you and make you understand any of these are not your fault and can happen to anyone.

Depression isn't a weakness

Young or old people sometimes can't identify their depression, therefore, they end up not taking any medical help for being healthy. But that doesn't mean they are weak. A lot of strength and guts are needed to be able to talk about your emotions. Depression shook everyone but some people are resilient enough to be able to keep going with their lives.

These are the 5 stigmas that people believe in about depression. All of them are incorrect and nothing but help from a professional can cure it.