‘Do I Really Need This’? Changed Dynamics Of A World Hit By The Pandemic

This one question would have crossed our minds so often right through this year – the seasons have changed, the dynamics have changed, the permutations have changed, and what we need, what we desire and what is needed has surely changed.

Even as there is hope for a vaccine, our lives have been changed forever. For every step of the way, we have been forced to pause and think – is it necessary, is it required, is it even needed?

It is important to understand that while the necessary items consist of the bare minimum needs – these include food and stuff which is needed to maintain our lives, essential items are only add-ons, that help improves our existence. This is the biggest decision that we have been forced to make.

All this while, we were locked up, perhaps alone, perhaps with our family and hence, had a lot of opportunities to recalibrate the way we approached and saw things. We have all paused and this has given us time to ponder upon several things – the most important being the fact that we need absolutely the bare minimum to be happy.

And even as people have lost their jobs, their livelihoods, there near and dear ones, we have learned to be thankful for whatever we have around us. A roof on top, food on the table, and some form of income. This is where there is a need to understand what is necessary and what is essential.

We are already witnessing a change around us – the luxury items lay stagnant and people do not want to invest in them. People are jittery to walk into crowded spaces, social distancing is no longer just two words slapped together, the travel and hospitality industry is slowly limping back to normalcy, and limping is the operational word here.

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As people are forced to stay indoors, subscription to internet plans has seen an increase, viewership of OTT platforms has hit the roof.

At the same time, employers, who always want to exert a sense of control over their employees, have resorted to different means to keep track of their daily work. A study was conducted by  ZDNet as per which the demand for employee surveillance software has zoomed to around 55% in June 2020 as compared to the pre-pandemic average.

So, employers had webcam access, they could take random screenshots of the meeting and there were a number of different software products that could track what an employee did on their computers.

Everything around us seems to be new and yet, everything has become quite normal. Hence, when we want to make a decision, it has become prudent to ask: ‘Do I really need this’?