How To Prevent Hair Fall

The person often gets frustrated and conscious about their appearance. They try various means to camouflage their receding hairline. Loss of hair has a strong impact on the appearance of the person. The social norms of physical beauty are important for self-esteem and may often leave a person vulnerable who does not meet the norms. However, there is a solution to this problem. There are several nutritional foods that are available whose consumption can help in fighting this off and result in healthy and bouncy hair. These remedies are natural and have no ill effects. The quality of the hair depends on having a balanced diet  


Eggs are considered to be a very effective home remedy for hair fall problems. It can be used to condition the hair. Doing so helps in increasing the growth of the hair. The reason why eggs are so beneficial is that they are rich in natural proteins. Hair is primarily built of proteins. When you apply eggs on the hair to condition it, the proteins of the egg help in rebuilding the hair by filling the spots of the hair strands that are weak, eggs can be an effective protein treatment that is all-natural. Doing so at regular intervals can help you maintain a healthy set of hair.

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 Oats are a fairly popular meal for its renowned benefits known for controlling weight. However, they are also very effective in fighting hair fall. There are several reasons for the loss of hair. Hair treatments that use artificial products are damaging or imbalance in hormones or factors of lifestyle such as dietary habits. A diet that lacks various important vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that are important can often result in malnutrition which increases the loss of hair. Oatmeals is the perfect start to your day because it is rich in nutrition. Adding further to it, you can use various vegetables which are rich in health. This can help with deficiency of nutrients which often causes loss of hair. 

Foods which are rich in vitamin c

Vitamin c is important for a healthy set of hair and its deficiency can cause various hair problems. Various fruits and vegetables can help in replenishing vitamin c in the body—fruits such as citrus rich fruits. Kiwi, papaya is rich in antioxidants and thus effective. 


Walnuts are rich in omega-6 fatty acids. It is equally rich in zinc, iron, and fats which are healthy and more. Consumption of walnut in your everyday meal can help you keep your hair healthy. It also has rich B vitamins such as B9, B6, and B1. 


Carrots can be very helpful to add thickness and also help in faster growth of hair. Consumption of hair in a regular diet stimulates the growth of healthy hair and makes it lustrous. It also helps in blood circulation, which is important.