New Normal Is A Farce, We Will Not Change Despite Covid-19 Pandemic

We believe that this Coronavirus will force us to change the way are living, well, we clearly give ourselves too much importance and clearly, we believe we are rational, educated, civilized people.

The façade which formed a false cocoon of our already false sense of living and sacrificing has started to erode away. One day – yes, it took just one day and few relaxations for the cars, bikes, miserable trucks and crowded lanes to be back. The harsh summer sun, the soaked face masks, the dry dust have all started to make their presence felt. Yes, there is a mask, so we might be spared of the bad breath in the crowd, but the crowd is there, it will be there, where else will it go? What then is this continuous talk of a new normal, we are not changing our ways, we do not respect regulations, we simply fear them, we stayed home not because we are self-aware and civilised, we stayed home because we feared the police patrolling the streets, we feared having to decipher the extremely complex government circulars, and quite simply put, we did not have any other choice.

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As the restrictions are being lifted, the essence of the nasty human spirit has galloped back into prominence. So, when Prime Minister of the country asked us to clang plates, we did it in unison, when he asked us to light diyas, we did it, but when he asked us to stay home and despite the relaxations, step out only when needed, we conveniently ignored him. This, in essence, is how India has squandered a chance to learn to be civil.

Frankly, we were bored and the initial few days with a family locked down was a way to switch off from the never-ceasing rat-race of our daily chores. We are so used to running that this break was welcomed, but as soon as it became a norm, a daily chore, we are now bored with this too.

So, yes, we might never have pushed ourselves to run for even five metres, but now there will be a crowd in parks and people will be running, they will be doing a number of weird stretching exercises, with masks over their noses, they will be even trying to crack inaudible jokes. This is what it is, a society, a place and a system which will be back to the earlier rotten state and this ‘new normal’ which is being romanticised so much will be pushed to a corner like science, health, technology and the older self, the older and bloated system will be booming ahead, overpowering all of us, like the God and like the different religions which have already found the cure of Covid-19.

Yes, the world has paused, but as they say, they might pretend it’s their choice, but in reality, they are just too afraid to break rules, flout restrictions – they have been forced and humans want to always be forced to do things. The world will not change, the order will be back, it is just a matter of when, masks or no masks, gloves or no gloves!