Prevent Baldness And Hair Loss With These Dos And Don’ts

Hair loss or baldness comes as a significant issue, especially for women residing in urban areas. Almost 40% of women face hair loss before they reach up the age of 40 years. Even girls in their teens or early twenties would suffer from a younger generation.


In most cases, women ignore the thinning of hair. As losing 50-100 stands of an inch a day gets normal. It’s called necessary for the regeneration of new cells. Also, it can promote hair growth.


There are a variety of reasons for early hair loss. It includes hereditary diseases, hormonal changes, medications, bad hair, atmosphere changes, stress and more. First, women would typically experience hair loss because of hormonal changes. After that, it gets usually followed pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, birth control pills and more.

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Even diseases like thyroid, scalp infection, few kinds of lupus and more. Also, don’t forget to consider that alopecia areata can make on with permanent hair follicle loss. In many cases, the medication used for dangerous diseases can cause hair loss. It includes high blood pressure, heart problem, cancer, arthritis etc. All these would result in baldness at one stage.


However, one can acknowledge many of the medical treatments. For example, it would help one to stop a decent amount of hair loss. Here side you can read some do’s and don’ts to follow. It comes up as follows: 

Make sure you intake the diet with proper nutrients, especially it should contain iron and protein. 

Thick and shiny hair gets as a dream for all people. But deficiency of proteins and iron gets a troll on strands. So one should make the intake of micro as well as macronutrients. You need to include spinach, yogurt, beet-root, nuts, seeds, lentils, and more in your diet. All these can deliver high nutrients to the body. 

1.      Use gentle shampoo 

One should prefer to land on mild shampoo. It can easily clean down your scalp. In addition, you can get rid of natural sebum to make secretion from environmental pollution. 

2.      Conditioning the hair is a must. 

You might use the product which would help one to condition the hairs. Therefore you need to select for deep conditioning natural process. It includes egg, henna, curd, aloe vera and more. This process might leave one with lustrous hair and boost hair loss. 

3.      Oiling 

A lukewarm oil massage would get perfect for the people. It includes coconut, almond, castor. All these can help one to boost circulation in the scalp. Also, it can tighten the hair follicles in the skin. 


4.      Don’t use a product that has higher sulphur content with artificial scents 

Organic shampoo gets as best to hair care for people. 

5.      Avoid prolonged and higher heat of exposure with hairs. 

You should not exceed the hairs with more than 175 degrees Celsius of temperature. Even such high heat for about five minutes also can cause physical damage. 

6.      Say no to chemical and heat-based treatments. 

Blow drying, heated combs, bleaching agents, perms, hair straighteners, colouring products can cause harm to hair. 

You can easily follow these do’s and don’ts to prevent hair loss. Hence, you should indeed follow these methods.