The Art Of Self-Reflection: Pause, Reflect, Ask The Right Questions, To Yourself

We have spoken and read so much about running, jogging, working out, to be in shape for our physical well-being. However, what we often miss out is taking out some time away from all the hullabaloo, spending time in solitude reflecting on what has transpired and what might come up in the near future. This is the mental health well-being we are taking about, when there is no escaping from us, from sharing a few whispers with us, nodding with us and even chalking out a plan. 

“Over the last few months, things have been strange, but it has also been good for me. Since, I have to stay at home and there is limited social interaction, I sit down quietly as the day veers off, switch off the television and chuck my phone away and simply spend time alone without any noise and distraction. It has helped me find a sense of perspective, and it has made me more thankful and perhaps, more ambitious and well, there has been a semblance of calm even during these uneasy times,” one of my friends says during a random conversation about what is the definition of the new normal.

“See, on any ordinary day, we have to scuttle through the day, meet deadlines, complete projects and deliver results, there are so many thoughts flooding our mental space that we become exhausted and all we need and want is to the hit the bed and sleep off. However, this time has allowed me to slow down this neurotic pace and observe my thought patters and how I react to different scenarios. It has helped me, it has made my decision making sane and far more balanced than earlier,” he goes on to add.

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It sure did get me thinking and I believe that spending time in solitude strengthens our emotional equilibrium. We are balanced and the frequent jarring of life, the never-ending cycle of ups and downs do not impact us massively as we become thoughtful as opposed to being reactive.

“So, for instance, I am not quite getting that story idea, or I am not able to put down an article which deserves to be published, instead of questioning my capability and instead of shutting shop and sobbing, I have started to ask what instead of why. What is it that has led to me not being able to do something which I love doing? What are the steps and changes I need to make to touch base again, and to tell you the truth, this has worked like a charm,” he says with a glitter and sense of enthusiasm.

Essentially, we need to understand that the world outside is just a reflection of what we are as a human being. It might sound philosophical, but hey, we have the time and space to dive into philosophy as well, so why not?

Face your own shadows, take it away, take it out, or else the world will be a gigantic shadow as we see what we want to see and we believe what we want to believe. Rejig, reassess and always contemplate. Ask the right questions, and find the right answers!