Top Ways To Let A Guy Know You Like Him

You might hide your feelings for a day, weeks, or months, but the day will come when you would think about how to confess your feelings? At that time, you might ask your friend for help, but it will not be simple for him/her as well. If you would like to express your feelings and want to stay in his arms forever, here are some ways that might help you. Well, it was challenging for us too as there are chances of ruining your friendship. But we have got some tips which will help you to let him know about your liking.

Expressing your feelings to someone special for you can be difficult. You might fear losing him. These quick and easy tips will help to express your feelings without affecting your relationship.

1-      Take a lot of selfies with him

If you want to stay close to him, clicking pictures together is a good idea. It doesn’t matter even if you are with your group, don’t skip the moments and make him feel special. Taking various photos together and posting them on social media with impressive captions will let him know your feelings.

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2-      Compliment how he looks

This can be a great start and maximize your efforts as well. If you can praise him indirectly, especially comparing to any celebrity, he will love it. And while doing this often, he will notice that you are noticing him and think something is there. Women don’t only like compliments and praise, but men also love them.

3-      Give a sweet smile and make him feel special

Once you catch the attention of making eye contact, give him a cute smile and hold for 3-4 seconds. This way he would know about your feelings. If he admires your smile then he might also like you. This will be easier to say that you like him.

4-      Buy a drink for him

Someone can easily get attracted by his favorite drink or food. While talking about drinks, guys recall always when a lady gets him a Brewski. So, know what he likes, and send a drink for him. This is the effective and easiest tip to make way through his heart.

5-      Make him the center of attraction in your conversation

You can make him feel good by letting him come into your conversation. Either in private, or group, pay a lot more attention to him, know everything about him and try to do something that he likes. If you don’t know how to tell him that you like him, grab his attention this way.

6-      Let his friends know

You can let his best friend know about your feelings. Through his friend’s way, you can know his feelings for you. If you are afraid of telling him directly and his response, it’s a good idea.

Make sure to be confident in whatever you do. Always remember, this is what you feel and you can’t force any person to like you back. But, you can let him attract you by taking these tips.